Three Reasons Why The Eagles Will Win The NFC East

The Eagles are heading into the 2018 season with expectations never as high after winning the Super Bowl last year (still so awesome to say). The Eagles are ready and their goal is to obviously repeat as champions, but that is extremely hard to do.

In the Super Bowl Era, only eight teams have ever repeated as champions, but that’s not I’m here to write about. After watching football for my 19 years of existence, in the playoffs anything can happen, like Nick Foles catching a touchdown in the Super Bowl. However, the first thing you need to do is make the playoffs. I’m here to say the Eagles are a lock to win the NFC East, and here’s why:

The Cowboys have Dak Prescott at quarterback! Saying that is my second favorite thing to say behind, “Eagles won the Super Bowl!” I mean, is Dak Prescott an awful quarterback? No, he’s maybe average, which in my opinion is worst than having an awful quarterback. The NFL is different from any other sport. You basically want to either have an elite quarterback or a guy that stinks. If you have an average quarterback you are screwed. Having an average quarterback will get you 6-10 wins, but that’s all that will show unless a guy like Joe Flacco or Nick Foles decides to have the three best games of their lives. The Cowboys aren’t winning the division with Dak Prescott under center or with that inferior defense. Have fun maybe in the Wild Card, Dallas. Oh and Dez still dropped it.



Your New York football Giants whom I believe are going to be a head case in 2018. Is Saquon Barkley a beast, absolutely. I currently go to Penn State, I’ve watched him from the beginning as a three-star recruit that looked to be on his way to Rutgers before getting a scholarship from James Franklin. Barkley will win offensive rookie of the year, but Eli Manning is the quarterback. Think about it, the Eagles have three quarterbacks on the roster that are better than Eli Manning. Eli will lead the league in turnovers and

you will see Odell Beckham Jr. throw at least 4 sideline tantrums that will lead to the locker room to collapse. The Giants have talent, sure, but their offensive line is the worst unit in the league. Look at it this way, the Giants may have two linemen that would actually make the Eagles 53 man roster… that’s just sad.


Then there’s the one team that could… key word “could” make it a completion for who will come in second place in the NFC East and they are the Washington Redskins. The Redskins may have let Kirk Cousins walk in free agency, but they did trade for Alex Stiff, I mean Smith. Now Cousins isn’t the best quarterback in the league to any

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stretch, but you could maybe make the argument that he’s a top 10 QB in the league. I do not think that, but Alex Smith isn’t even close to top 10. Smith is closer to 20 than 10 when ranking quarterback, and the Redskins decided to go cheap at the most important position in the game. Winning the division won’t happen for the Redskins, but I believe they have the second best coaching staff in the NFC East, so I do give them a chance to make a Wild Card appearance.

So to recap: The NFC East is a dumpster fire waiting to happen, and the Eagles will prevail for the second straight year as division champions. Book it here in July.

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