7 Quick Takeaways from Eagles’ Loss to the Patriots

After months of rubbing it into the face of the Patriots that they won the Super Bowl in February, the Eagles and Patriots finally squared off in a rematch of Super Bowl 52 in Foxbourough, Ma., and it didn’t go well for the Birds. Here are a few takeaways from their second preseason game.

1. The Eagles allowed the Super Bowl win to be a distraction.

For what seemed like the whole week, instead of speaking about the preparations that they put into place for the game, time and time again, the team continued to speak about how they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl and they can’t wait to see them again. Even a fan from Bucks County paid $1,000 to make sure a banner that reminded the fans once again of the score of the Super Bowl. However, when they took the field, they were promptly sliced and diced by Tom Brady. That being said, I do understand that this is preseason and that almost all of the stars of the Eagles were playing, but the attitude was not where it needed to be. They still have time to work on that attitude, but, it was troubling to say the least.

2. Shelton Gibson continues to flash.

One of the biggest bright spots of the first half was Shelton Gibson his second touchdown of the preseason. He ran a shallow route into the end zone and he used a beautiful cut move to get space and make the TD grab. This is a week after Gibson made a great catch down the sideline for his first touchdown last week. He finished with 5 catches for 90 yards and the aforementioned TD. After the disappointing preseason that Mack Hollins has had, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gibson made the team. He’s earned it so far.

3. Thank God this game wasn’t in the Regular Season.

It would’ve been embarrassing.

4. Wendell Smallwood might not make the roster.

He had four carries for one yard in this game, now, Adams didn’t play in this game, it doesn’t bode well that whenever he was on the field that he was grossly inadequate. Smallwood is running out of chances on a team that has given him a ton of them.

5. The Birds’ wings are getting clipped.

Foles. Taylor Hart. Kamar Aiken. Josh Perkins. Richard Rodgers. All of these players got injured in one way or another during this game. Foles’ injury has the potential to have the most impact, however. He strained his throwing shoulder. Because of the injury, it is possible that he misses Week 1 of this season, forcing the Eagles into a tough position. Start Carson Wentz before he’s ready, or play an entire game with Nate Sudfeld.

6. Nate Sudfeld looks better than he did last week.

Last week, Sudfeld didn’t go through his progressions, which resulted in many mistakes and turnovers. This week, he looked totally different. He finished the game with 312 yards and 3 TDs. The Eagles continue to be the gold standard for QB developing.

7. They still have time to get better.

At the end of the day, this is the preseason that we are talking about. I am confident that this team can improve upon their performances in this game. Once they add of their regular players, everything will come together.

With that, there are two weeks left in the preseason for the Eagles to make adjustments. Next week, they face off against Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.

[Featured Image: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports]

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