5 Takeaways from the Eagles Loss to the Buccaneers

On Sunday, the Eagles fell to 1-1 after losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-21. For the whole game, the team looked like they had no energy while they lost their first game since last December. Here are a few takeaways from Sunday’s loss:

1. Not Easy on the Eyes
I understand that this is the beginning of the season and all but this was such an ugly game.  The Buccaneers prepared for the Eagles well and took advantage of the weaknesses of the defense. When the first play of the game was a 75 yard touchdown to DeSean Jackson, a lot of fans knew what we were in for. 

2. The Injury Bug Strikes Again
Much like last year, the injury bug has bitten this team once again. On the first drive of the game, Jay Ajayi went down with a back injury. Not much later after that, Mike Wallace was taken to the locker room with a scary ankle injury and Jason Peters went down with a quad injury. While Ajayi did come back and score a touchdown, it still provided a scare.

In the blink of an eye, the Eagles lost one of their top wide receivers, running backs and offensive linemen. With Wallace out an extended time look for Howie to make a move at WR.

3. Just Like Last Time
Last year, the Eagles went on the road in Week 2 and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs after a game filled with mistakes. After that game, they made adjustments and went on to finish the season strong and win the Super Bowl. Here’s to hoping that they make adjustments from this game.

4. Nick Foles or Alex Smith?
For most people, the biggest compliant against Redskins’ QB Alex Smith is that he doesn’t do too much besides manage the games that he’s in. Nick Foles did the same thing on Sunday. He finished the game going 35-48 for 334 yards and no INTs.

Although the stats look good, he wasn’t the most inspiring on Sunday afternoon with a lot of short passes and check downs. He isn’t fully to blame though as he was working with limited offensive weapons.

5. Rough day for the Green Goblin
Mills and Jenkins got toasted on the first play of the day and Fitzpatrick continued to go after Mills over and over. Hopefully Mills learns from this week and makes corrections that help him return to the solid corner that he is.

While this game was very tough to watch, it’s still early in the season. Hopefully the Eagles take this week to prepare for Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, who are coming into town next week.

[Photo Credit: Jonathan Dyer – USA Today]

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