76ers to Pursue LeBron James in Free Agency

LeBron James is set to become a Free Agent in 2018, and will seemingly sign with a team who can compete for a title.The top destinations for The King have been the usual speculative cities; LA and New York. Today however it was reported that Philadelphia will be among the teams heavily pursuing the services of the King. This may seem like a case of too good to be true, but Philadelphia offers LeBron few advantages other teams simply cannot.

Adding LeBron to any team automatically makes said team better. That’s a no brainer. But putting the league’s best player on the floor with two rising stars could create an immediate Championship contender. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have already started the year on a great note. Simmons, now healthy, is the favorite to win Rookie of the Year. Embiid has continued his great season from last year and is again putting together stat lines that the NBA has never seen. The Sixers are already thought of as a team that could challenge Boston as the Elite team of the Eastern Conference in the upcoming seasons. LeBron in Philly would only better the chances.

It’s no secret the Warriors are the toast of the town right now. No team in the West seems like they can handle the task of besting Golden State in a best of seven series come June (nice try Houston). If a change in Conference did occur, would LeBron make it back to the finals? Could the Spurs or Lakers topple the Warriors if LeBron heads west? LeBron would ultimately benefit from staying in the East, where a road to the Finals could be more direct.

Boston looks to be the best team in the East. Once the Prince to King James in Cleveland, Kyrie Irving is now building his own legacy with the Celtics. That alone can assure James won’t be wearing Green next year. LeBron on the Knicks would be interesting, but he would inevitably fair as well as Carmelo did in the Big Apple. Is New York’s supporting case enough to entice LeBron? Simmons and Embiid are two bargaining chips Philly could use that no other city could match. In addition, the Sixers have much more cap space than other team’s that would consider signing James.

Simmons and LeBron seemed to become pretty chummy during this off-season’s workouts. Both also share the same agent. LeBron has shown before with his pal Dwayne Wade that he is willing to jump ship and leave town in an effort to build a Championship team with his friends. This would seemingly take a lot of pressure off of Simmons. He wouldn’t be asked to carry the team as LeBron and Embiid would become top scoring options. He could also get a firsthand look at what it takes to become a Superstar in the NBA.

This was first reported earlier this week, so a lot can change between now and the start of Free Agency. At this point the thought of LeBron James in a 76ers uniform is a pipedream. But if teams continue to utilize multiple Superstars to win championships and Philly’s young core can continue to develop, we may have a new reason to Trust the Process come 2018.

Richard Welenc

A Philadelphia native who loves sports, writing, and cheesesteaks – in that order. Being retweeted by Brian Dawkins remains life’s crowning achievement.

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