Draft Player Profile: Christian McCaffery

By: Andrew Schreffler

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In a couple of weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles will be on the clock with the 14th pick in the NFL Draft. There’s been countless rumors of who the pick will be. Names such as Dalvin Cook, John Ross, Gareon Conley, and Reuben Foster have all been mentioned at least once. However, one name who’s started to come up repeatedly in mock drafts is Christian McCaffery. I’d be 100% on board with this pick, and here’s why.

Draft Postition

To say the least, the Eagles are in an interesting spot in the draft order. The Eagles are desperately in need of a cornerback and it’s very obvious. However, the position is extremely deep in the draft as shown by Matt Miller.

Courtesy of Matt Miller

This is a good thing because it means that the Eagles could have the luxury of drafting another need in the first round and then go back and get cornerbacks in rounds 2 and 3.

Need for RB

It was proven that the Eagles could really use a fresh face at RB after watching last season unfold. Ryan Matthews showed some bright spots, but fumbled on occasions and has always been injury plagued. Darren Sproles had another solid season, but he’s only getting older and won’t be able to keep the consistent play up much longer. Wendell Smallwood hasn’t gotten many carries, but also hasn’t show he can be an every down back. Lots of people think Dalvin Cook should be the pick at 14. I agree Cook is a great player, but I think Christian McCaffery will check more boxes for the Eagles by the time draft day approaches.

McCaffery’s Skillset

The main reason why I think the Stanford RB should be the selection is because of how perfectly he fits Doug Pederson’s offense.

1. McCaffery is a very patient runner and is fantastic at waiting for holes to open and hitting them quickly. He ran for 1600 yards last year at Stanford and I think he would thrive behind the Eagles promising O-Line.

2. He’s probably the best pass catching RB in the draft. This is ideal for the Eagles because of how many pass plays they run that involve the running back going out for a pass. If Sproles could succeed as much as he did, imagine how good McCaffery could look in that offense.

3. McCaffery would also be able to take over for Sproles in punt retuning duties. He thrived at Stanford when it came to punt returns and he should be able to make it translate to the NFL.

There are lots of good options for the Eagles at number 14, but I feel like McCaffery could be the biggest difference maker out of everyone which is why he should be the pick when the Eagles are on the clock on draft night.

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