Are The 2019 Eagles Legit Contenders?

The 2019 campaign has been quite underwhelming when you think of the expectations there were for this Philadelphia Eagles roster. Injuries took away some big time off-season acquisitions in the form of DeSean and Malik Jackson, and guys who were expected to be big contributors have under-performed greatly.

Through 9 games thus far, the Eagles find themselves at 5-4 with no real identity outside of their elite run defense. The offense has been shaky at best and the struggles in the secondary don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. So at this point in time, are the Eagles legit contenders in the NFC?

If I had to put my life on it, I’d say no. But the talent on this team offers tremendous upside that could get them there if they just clean up their act. And they have a few things going for them to propel them into the playoffs.

1. Schedule Ahead
After tough back to back match-ups with the Patriots and Seahawks, the Eagles may arguably have the easiest schedule in the league to close out the season.

2. New and Familiar Faces
Although it wasn’t the blockbuster fans were hoping for, the Eagles move for Cleveland’s LB/DE Genard Avery can prove to be huge. The 24yr old finished 2nd among rookies last season in QB pressures (42) and already recorded a sack in his first game with Philadelphia. Outside of that, the Eagles expect CreVon LeBlanc to make his season debut soon which should help out the woes in the secondary and the team also made a move to sign Jordan Matthews back to help the struggling WR core.

All in all, it just comes down to playing better. The Philadelphia Eagles control their own destiny right now and if they’re able to get hot at the right moment, this team has the talent to do damage in the postseason. If receivers start catching the ball, and cornerbacks stop biting on double moves, this team is legit. Easier said than done though.

Let me know what you think below. Are the 2019 Eagles legit contenders?

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