Are the Sixers Handling Markelle Fultz Properly?

We are now five games into this Sixers season and have seen a small sample of Markelle Fultz with his new and improved jump shot. He is currently playing around 25 minutes a game but some feel that the number should increase.

Through these first couple games of the season Fultz has started every game and plays significant time in the first half and then seems to disappear in the second half. The only time he sees minutes in the second half is when the game is out of reach like in the Chicago game and last night’s loss against the Bucks. Brett Brown has seemed to favor TJ more in the second half of games instead of sticking with Fultz.

Although that there is going to be games where going with TJ late may be the better move I don’t think that Brett Brown is handling the former number one pick properly. Every game that Fultz steps out there he seems to look more and more confident.

In the first half of the Pistons game Fultz looked as close to what he looked like in college in his NBA career. Part of that might have been the extra time with the ball in his hands with the absence of Ben Simmons but he looked great in his time on the court.

Through the whole fourth quarter and overtime period Fultz did not see the floor once. I think that was a bad move on Brett Brown’s part. Although TJ may distribute the ball a little more than Fultz there were big moments late in that game where the Sixers needed scoring and Fultz provides more than TJ in that aspect of the game.

Although we all understand that the Sixers are going to take their time with Fultz and his development but there comes a point where he needs to see the floor in big game situations. It is clear that the Sixers see Fultz as their third superstar but the need to start backing that up. He will never be able to learn and grow if he is not in the game when it matters most.

The Sixers are most likely going to not only make the playoffs, but should host a first round match up so why not sacrifice a couple games in the regular season and let him see the floor in big minutes and in crunch time.

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