Ben Simmons Was Worth the Wait


We are 12 games into this young NBA season, and my oh my the 6’10-point guard from LSU and Australian native looks like the second coming of Magic Johnson. He has recorded double-doubles in each of his first 3 games and only took him 4 games to record his first triple-double in the Sixers first win of the year against the Detroit Pistons. In his first 12 games, Simmons is averaging 17 ppg 9 rpg and 7.8 apg. For a 21-year-old, that is just flat out amazing. He’s also shooting 48% from the floor, which isn’t all that bad considering he really can’t shoot an outside jump shot to save his life.


Granted his jump shot just isn’t there yet, his 3-point game isn’t there yet, but using his size and athleticism to get to the basket makes him an unstoppable target. He has shot 6 three-pointers so far, hasn’t made one yet. That shouldn’t scare anybody because that is not his role. We all saw that big dunk with the right hand in the win against the Atlanta Hawks, he should be doing that day in and day out. He is a big fella who can move, not a lot of players can stop that.


Simmons has a tendency to drive to the basket then dish it out really quick to someone on the perimeter. That is also where most of his turnovers occur, averaging almost 4 per game. He is a tough player and he is able to go and draw fouls when driving to the basket, if he starts doing that, he’ll be averaging 25+ points per game. He’s showed he’s a decent free throw shooter, not great, but we’ve seen worse, shooting about 60% from the stripe. He is doing pretty well on the defensive end, averaging almost 2 steals and a block per game.


Although it is still very early in the season, Simmons is the leading candidate to win Rookie of the Year. The next player on the list is Jayson Tatum from the Celtics.


The fans of Philadelphia waited a long time to finally see number 25 in the red, white, and blue and it is sure a beautiful sight. Simmons and his counterpart Joel Embiid are taking this city by storm with their talents and their love of the city. On behalf of all Philly fans we are very excited to have these guys as the face of our franchise. Trust the Process.

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