Black Friday Dynasty Shopping – Wide Receivers

In case you live under a rock, you know that Black Friday officially kicks off the buying season for the holidays. Sales, sales, and more sales dominate the airwaves. With that in mind, I’ve decided to list some players I’m looking to buy today (whether I’m in contention for a playoff spot or not) or once the off-season commences.

If you’re looking to buy from a contender remember to offer them today’s production for tomorrow’s potential. Come playoff time a lot of owners will sell lower on players than they typically would while pushing for a championship.

Wide Receiver:

Corey Coleman, Cleveland Browns: I am almost undoubtedly unreasonable high on Corey Coleman. Coleman came back last Sunday after months of inactivity due to a broken hand. All he did was drop 6 receptions for 80 yards on the vaunted Jacksonville secondary. How good is Jacksonville’s secondary? On average they allow 162 yards passing per game, a full 20 yards less than the next best pass defense. Coleman is physically talented as any wide receiver in the NFL and just needs to stay healthy to realize his potential.

Sammy Watkins, L.A. Rams:

The Lil’ Wayne doppelganger has not had a very productive season. In fact, he has the same amount of games with 5 or fewer fantasy points than he does with 12 or more fantasy points scored, three. He’s still on 24 years old, and won’t turn 25 until June. He joined the Rams late in the pre-season and plays with a quarterback who isn’t particularly suited for Watkins skill-set and has seen 5 or fewer targets in 9 out of 10 games. Watkins has WR1 ability, but he needs WR1 targets to produce. For comparison purposes, Sammy Watkins in 110 in the league with 40 targets while DeAndre Hopkins leads the league with 127. No, Watkins and Hopkins aren’t similarly styled players, but I’d argue they’re similar talents and Watkins will produce is the ball is coming his way.

Robby Anderson, New York Jets:

You may have heard me mention that I’m in a large number of dynasty leagues, too many to be honest. One thing this allows me though to do is gauge the real-world value of players in multiple leagues. In trying to trade Robby Anderson in leagues where I’m not making the playoffs and acquire him in leagues where I’m contending one thing has become abundantly clear. Robby Anderson is undervalued. You can easily acquire Anderson for a 2018 rookie 2nd round draft pick. That is insane value for a player, that is as of today, is the WR26 in average scoring per game with 12.2 points per game. Anderson is only 24 years old and is a player I would suggest you acquire before fantasy players realize how good he is.

Marqise Lee, Jacksonville Jaguars:

Lee is the WR33 on a per game average with 11.1 fantasy points per game. The fact Lee is able to produce WR3 numbers with Blake Bortles as his quarterback might actually qualify as a miracle (I’m looking into this with the Vatican now). Allen Robinson is a free agent in the off-season so it’s impossible to know whether he’ll be back with the Jags in 2018, use that uncertainty surrounding who will be the lead WR next year to buy Lee at a discount. If Robinson comes back it can only help Lee as Robinson will draw the tougher cornerback matchups, if Robinson doesn’t come back than Lee will continue to receive a ton of targets(17th most in 2017).

Just a reminder, go shake the trees for any Odell Beckham Jr. and Allen Robinson owners to see if they want to sell them to bolster their rosters for playoff runs.

Thanks for reading. Who are you keeping on eye on as a target to buy now or in the offseason? Let me know in the comments or find me on Twitter @DFF_Shane.

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