Breaking Down the J.T. Realmuto Trade

The Phillies made a big off-season move and it didn’t involve Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. Last week, Philadelphia sent prized prospect, Sixto Sanchez, Jorge Alfaro, Will Stewart and international spending money within the division to Miami for one of the top players in the league.

Getting to know Realmuto

The former Marlins catcher had a breakout season last year, earning himself a spot on the all-star team and a silver slugger award. One of the biggest needs for the Phillies has been covered with getting Realmuto. The new addition has been in the league for four years now and has only showed progress through those years. Realmuto is still relatively young by baseball standards and his talent is clear.

As mentioned before, Realmuto is one of the best in the game. His numbers compared to other catchers in the league are eye opening.

Realmuto racked up a .277 batting average which was 1st among all catchers in the MLB. Second to him was Yadier Molina with an average of .261. After those two, the next catcher comes in at .249, which is a drastic fall off.

His 74 runs scored was 1st among those at the position, while he also had the 3rd most home runs with 21. You can expect his home run total to go up even more since he will play a majority of his games in Citizens Bank Park, a home run friendly ballpark.

Will trading Sixto be worth it?

Some fans are against this trade because the Phillies gave away the organization’s top prospect. Sixto is a 6’0ft righty that can bring the heat. Not only can he throw a triple digit fastball but he also has five pitches.

But getting rid of Sixto shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. After all he did miss a majority of the season with an elbow injury. He is said to be fully healthy now but a young pitcher already dealing with an arm problem seems a little worrisome. Rumors have also surfaced that the Phillies fell out of favor with the young prospect due to his conditioning which isn’t a good mix for a guy that throws 100mph.

Overall, the Phillies have had some bad luck with former prospects before. Remember a guy named Dominic Brown? He was only one of many Phillies top propsects that ended up flopping in the majors and Philadelphia could’ve gotten quite the package for him if they weren’t so adamant to keep him.

Projected 2019 Lineup 

  1. LF Andrew McCutchen
  2. SS Jean Segura
  3. RF Bryce Harper
  4. 1B Rhys Hoskins
  5. C J.T. Realmuto
  6. 3B Maikel Franco
  7. CF Odubel Herrera/Quinn
  8. 2B Cesar Hernandez/ Kingery
  9. SP Aaron Nola

This lineup could improve even further if the Phillies find a way to win the Harper sweepstakes. After a season in 2018 where Philadelphia found themselves among the worst offensively, this 2019 lineup would present a huge turnaround with or without any other additions. Klentak and company are showing the team is in win now mode and as a fan, you can only be excited.

Featured Image: Robbins/Getty Images

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