Breaking Down the Tobias Harris Trade

Old School Chevy has done it again. Elton Brand has been in office for just five months and has brought in his second all-star to Philadelphia. At 3 A.M Eastern, Tobias Harris, Mike Scott and Boban Marjanovic were sent to Philadelphia in exchange for Landry Shamet, Mike Muscala, Wilson Chandler, along with Philadelphia’s 2020 Lottery Protected 1st, Miami’s 2021 Unprotected 1st  and a pair of future 2nd round picks.

This is a great move for both teams as Philly moves into title contention and Los Angeles gathers assets to make a new young core and possibly multiple stars in free agency. Here is a breakdown of this blockbuster deal.

The Newcomers

Tobias Harris:  

Harris is a 6’9ft Power Forward from Tennessee. He’s been having his breakout season this year in Los Angeles after being sent there as part of the Blake Griffin package from Detroit. Adding him makes the 76ers starting lineup arguably the best in the East. Led by 2 All-Stars and 2 fringe ones, this is a dangerous team. Tobias works well without commanding the ball and is a very effective shot creator.  Everybody should be excited by his arrival in Philadelphia.

2018-19 numbers – 20.9PPG 7.9RPG 43.4 3PT%

The main negative is Tobias is on an expiring contract this upcoming offseason and will most likely command a large contract on the open market. Los Angeles was rumored to offer a 4yr/$80mil earlier this season but him and his agent ended up declining it.

Mike Scott:

Mike Scott is a 6’8ft wing from the University of Virginia. Scott is a solid depth player, posting 5 points and 4 rebounds on the bench getting about 15 minutes a night. Scott is 30 years old and on a one year deal for 4.5 million dollars. Scott is a good replacement off the bench and provides spacing that is much needed and can shoot as well. Scott will likely be a major player off the bench until the buyout market ends so his minutes should increase. Look for him to play anywhere from the 2 to the 4 during games as his playstyle is versatile.

Boban Marjanovic:

Presumably coming off the bench  as Embiid’s backup  is a fan favorite around the league and exactly what the 76ers need. Boban Marjanovic, a 7’3ft big with a 7’10ft wingspan, is an imposing defensive presence. At first glance, the stats may not jump out at you. He averages a 7PPG-4RPG line but PER36 his numbers jumps to 23PPG-15RPG. The Serbian is very effective when on the court.

Boban is a very lethal threat under the net offensively and defensively, having shut down Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid on occasion. Marjanovic will take all of Mike Muscala’s minutes and should be an immediate upgrade at the Center positon. While only on a one year deal you could see him return for next season and be a huge help off the bench.

The Departing

Landry Shamet:

One of the surprises of this current season has been rookie Landry Shamet. The late 1st round pick wasn’t thought of as much when drafted as most of the attention was on the Mikal Bridges and Zhaire Smith swap.

Shamet was a terrific shooter out of Witchita State and has continued that in his first season of NBA action. Averaging 8PPG and leading all rookies in 3pt%, he has shown promise. It was necessary to move the young guard in order to get this deal done though. I have no doubt he will be successful in Los Angeles as he will be missed by many in Philly.

Mike Muscala:

Moose has been a versatile big for the 76ers this season.With a decent three point shot, he was great spacing wise off of the bench but was quite poor on the defensive side of the ball. Muscala was essentially the replacement for Ilyasova this season which clearly presented the Sixers with a downgrade. Moose is on an expiring contract and will likely be gone at the end of the season if not sooner.

Wilson Chandler:

Wilson Chandler had recently come into his own before suffering a quad injury that will keep him out for a stretch of games. Acquired from the Denver Nuggets this summer, Chandler averaged 7PPG-5RPG as the 5th scoring option in the Sixers starting lineup. He should be able to find some valuable minutes on a Clippers roster that doesn’t hold a ton of talent at the SF/PF positions.

Draft Picks:

The 76ers moved two 1st round selections as well as two 2nd rounders. The 1st in 2020 is their own and will likely not be a high selection. Even if it somehow is a high pick due to unlikely circumstances, the lottery protection placed on it will keep it in Philadelphia. The two 2nd rounders were from Detroit and won’t convey until 2021 and 2023.

The main draft pick in this trade was the unprotected 2021 Miami 1st. The pick could be very valuable especially when considering the state of the Miami Heat currently. On the other hand though, Miami is known as a favorable destination for players around the league so it could fall in the 15-25 range as well.

Who won the trade?

Overall, both teams did what they wanted to do and came out successful, with LA preparing for next season by building up capspace and assets, while the 76ers are looking to take advantage of a wide open Eastern Conference. Of course we won’t know the impact of this trade until a few more years down the road but as of now I think you can crown both teams as co-winners.

Featured Image: ClutchPoints

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