Carson Wentz’s Impact off the Field

We all know what Carson Wentz is capable of accomplishing as a football player. Wentz is only entering his third year in the league and has already established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Wentz was in the conversation to win MVP last season after throwing for 3,296 yards and 33 touchdowns despite missing the final 3 games of the regular season and the entirety of the playoffs with a torn ACL. Without Carson’s heroic efforts throughout the regular season, we more than likely wouldn’t have been able to win our first Super Bowl.

While Wentz is responsible for doing incredible things on the field, he still finds the time to make an everlasting impact on his community and beyond. This offseason alone, Wentz and a few of his current and former teammates are coming together to do something that is truly bigger than football.

Wentz and his Audience of One foundation, partnered with the Mission of Hope, announced that he has pledged to match $500,000 in donations made over the next two weeks to construct a sports complex in Haiti. The complex will give Haitian children the opportunity to access a multi-useful facility to advance in athletics. The facility will include 10 soccer fields, 2 indoor basketball courts, 6 outdoor basketball courts, a track and field with 5000 shaded seats, dorm rooms for up to 200, locker rooms, and access to WiFi and lighting, according to the Audience of One website.

Money that is raised through the sales of his “AO1” merchandise, his charity softball game on June 1st, and through sweepstakes, like the one proposed on Twitter where a $10 donation grants the chance to win box seats with Wentz to watch game 4 of the Sixers-Celtics playoff series, will go towards the construction of the complex.

Alongside Zach Ertz, Nate Sudfeld, Jordan Matthews, Rashard Davis, and other teammates and friends, Carson flew out to Haiti to, where they had the opportunity to interact with the Haitian children.

“The Haitian kids will challenge you to your core,” Carson wrote on an Instagram post, “They are so genuinely joyful for every little thing that they have.”

Audience of One has raised over $80,000 this week alone since opening donations. Hundreds of fans have already donated to the cause.

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Carson Wentz, he still continues to do saint-like work for others in need. Wentz will continue to do great things for Philly, Haiti, and across the world during his career.

If you wish to donate to help Carson’s cause, visit here. Thank you Carson, and Fly Eagles, Fly.

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