Weaver’s Weekly Injury Update: Jerryd Bayless and Jerad Eickhoff

Weaver’s Weekly Injury Update

RN, Chief Injury Correspondent

Looking for injury information about your favorite players that is always 100% accurate and definitely not wrong? Then look no further than Weaver’s Weekly Injury Update.  Here you will receive the most accurate and correct injury information from a man who has been not a doctor for over 2 years.

Welcome back to Weaver’s Weekly Injury Update, a blog that provides uneducated common folk like yourselves with top-notch medical advice from a guy who chose a career just to be around a lot of chix. This week, I evaluate the individuals with the two worst spellings of the name “Jared” in modern history, Sixers Point Guard Jerryd Bayless and Phillies Pitcher Jerad Eickhoff.

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