The Eagles haven’t even Reached their Peak and that is Scary

The Eagles have started the 2017-2018 season with an impressive 4-1 record. Wins over the Redskins, Giants, Chargers and Cardinals were all impressive, but the point that I want to make is the Eagles haven’t even peaked yet.

Philadelphia Eagles’ Torrey Smith, right, celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals. (AP/Matt Rourke)

In the offseason, Howie Roseman, Eagles director of player personnel brought in six free agents that play crucial parts in every game the Eagles have played so far. The Eagles are still growing as a team and chemistry is still being built with players like, Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, LeGarrette Blount, Chance Warmack, Patrick Robinson and Chris Long. All those players are continuing to get better week-by-week. Alshon Jeffery has yet to breakout and I think that’s why you are seeing guys like Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor produce so much this year. I think Jeffery is ready to have a breakout game and these next three games you’ll see it happen.

USA Sports – Nelson Agholor

Other players were brought in through trades like, Tim Jernigan and Ronald Darby. Darby is the best cornerback on the roster and he’s played one half of football this season. When the Eagles get Darby back, possibly as soon as next week, the Eagles can then have four solid cornerbacks. The Eagles defense has already played well this season without Darby. Imagine a defense with him and his speed guarding a number one receiver.

The Eagles have also missed two other key defensive players for most of the year. The two that I’m talking about are, Fletcher Cox and Sidney Jones. Cox is one of the most important players to have on game days. Cox has appeared in 2 and half games this season and he still has two sacks and a forced fumble. We’ve seen Jernigan and Cox together at the beginning of the year and it looked almost unstoppable. As for Sidney Jones, he’s one of the most talented players on the roster when healthy. The Eagles liked Jones so much they took him in the second round this year even with the risk of missing the whole 2017 campaign. Word on the street is that Jones could be back by week 11 and contribute in a possible playoff push.

Getting Fletcher Cox back possibly this week and Ronald Darby next week seems likely. So for how good the Eagles have played so far this season there is still ways they can get better. It’s scary, but a reality that should be talked about more around the fan base. It’s a good time to be an Eagles fan.


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