Examining a Trade for Derrick Rose or Chris Paul

The trade deadline is approaching and the Sixers have been mentioned in multiple trade rumors throughout the last few weeks. Two of the most notable trade targets have been veteran point guards, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul. 

Now would acquiring either of the two be a good move for Elton Brand and the Philadelphia 76ers?

The team currently sits at 29-16 and are in the midst of a 4 game win streak without their star big man, Joel Embiid. Both Derrick Rose and Chris Paul are having themselves some solid seasons and adding their type of production onto this talented Sixers roster could do wonders. Or would it? 

You be the judge.  

Derrick Rose
What seems to be a bit of a career revival this season, Derrick Rose is averaging over 18ppg off the bench for the Detroit Pistons. Now by no means is Rose an All-Star caliber player again, but he’s a lead candidate for Sixth Man of the Year. 

A discussion is to be had about his fit on the roster though. Rose, who isn’t a great perimeter shooter, sharing the court with Ben Simmons is tough to see. He struggled in a similar role with Lebron during his short stint in Cleveland. 

Why would a trade for Derrick Rose make sense?

Bench scoring – As mentioned before, he’s a leading candidate for Sixth Man of the Year! When you look at the Sixers bench, there isn’t anyone who really sticks out offensively. Yes, you have the defensive stalwart in Matisse, and the 3pt sniper in Korkmaz but none of the guys are a reliable bucket.

Contract – With the production that Rose is putting up, his 2yr/$15mil deal is one of the best contracts in the NBA. At roughly $7mil/yr, Rose wouldn’t debilitate the Sixers from making any significant moves down the road and is off the books in 2021-22. 

Cost: Mike Scott, Zhaire Smith, pick compensation

Chris Paul 
On the outside looking in, a trade for a 34yr old PG who is getting paid roughly $40mil/yr doesn’t seem too ideal for the Sixers. This goes without mentioning that a ball dominant guard like Paul doesn’t seem like the greatest fit with Ben Simmons on the roster.

So why would a trade for Chris Paul make sense?

Shot creation – The Sixers still lack players that could create their own shot in the half court offense. Yes, Tobias and JRich can do it occasionally, but when you’re thinking of those intense 7 game series come playoff time, you’re going to want more than that.

Actually a Good Fit? – You can make an argument that if Chris Paul doesn’t strain his hamstring in the 2018 Playoffs, the Warriors would have one less ring right now. Why is that relevant? Because Chris Paul shared the floor with arguably the most ball dominant player in the league, James Harden, that season. If he could productively coexist with Harden, there’s a possibility he and Simmons could as well. 

Cost: Al Horford and Zhaire Smith 

Featured Image: Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images