Should fans be worried about Alshon Jeffery?

On August 6th, Alshon Jeffery suffered a shoulder injury that has kept him limited in following training camp practices. He did not participate in 11 on 11 drills on the days leading up to the Eagles’ first preseason game against the Packers. Jeffery’s playing status was a game time decision and was ultimately deemed unable to play. Since then, Jeffery has still yet to practice in full.

We have seen Alshon struggle with missing time in the past. In 2016, he was suspended four games for PED violation. Although not injury related, missing time for a suspension has the same affect on the team if you miss time for an injury. In 2015, Jeffery missed 7 games due to a lingering ham string injury.

Now Jeffery has an unfamiliar shoulder injury and the Eagles must be seriously concerned. Alshon is a premier talent, but it seems he has a really difficult time staying on the field and so far, we haven’t seen him break that reputation. Due to the recent departure of Jordan Matthews, the backups to Alshon Jeffery include Torrey Smith, who was a major disappointment in San Francisco, Nelson Agholor who has had a good camp but has accomplished close to nothing in his first two years in the league, and Mack Hollins, a 4th round draft pick.

There are multiple reports out that there is nothing to worry about and that the Eagles are just being cautious with Jeffery. He is still practicing on the sidelines and doing individual work, but he isn’t playing in offense vs defense drills. It is definitely smart for the Eagles to be safe with the teams best offensive weapon and possibly most talented player, however, due to Jeffery’s injury history, anything keeping him off the field is worrisome.

There is little doubt Jeffery has the ability to be a great weapon for this Eagles offense, but his health is a major factor. The success of Jeffery may directly correlate to the success of Carson Wentz and the success of the entire Eagles team in 2017.

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