Flyers: Brightest Future in NHL

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This past season was sure a tough one for the Flyers. Starting off strong, they were able to win ten games in a row, Wayne Train won All-Star Game MVP, and things seemed as though they were falling into place. However, as the season grew older, the Flyers returned home from their fairy tale, seeing them lose more games than they won (when including OTL) and barely missing the playoffs despite their hot start. Considering all of this, the 2016-2017 season was not a waste for the Flyers.

The best part of the season was watching the future mature, develop, and prove themselves. Between rookies Travis Konecny, Ivan Provorov and Jordan Weal, and second year player Shayne Gostisbehere, the future more than shined at the highest level. As well, young veterans such as Brayden Schenn(25) and Wayne Simmonds(28) had one of the best seasons so far in their careers. Furthermore, Anthony Stolarz proved dominant in the games he was the goalie, and the extension the organization signed Neuvirth too promises a bright future in net for the Flyers.

Philadelphia is a tricky town as of late. Every single team is in rebuild mode; between the Eagles with Wentz, Sixers with Embiid and Simmons, Phillies with Herrera and Franco, and the Flyers with Konecny, Provorov, and Gostisbehere, youth is prominent in the city of brotherly love. Pretty soon we will be making playoffs (and hopefully winning chips) left and right, and the youth of this team will give Philly fans one more thing to route for.

Overall, the Flyers took one step back to take two steps forward. They had a slow season, but they were able to perfectly develop their young stars, and they showed promise for fans of the orange and black everywhere. Between solid young goal-tending, efficient young scoring, and unstoppable young defenders, this team will be a force in upcoming seasons. Chemistry has started to develop, and that will prove important in years to come. Fans should not be worried, because the Flyers will be the best.

I've been a huge Flyers fan all throughout my life. From their hugest to their lowest, I've watched every game I could and made it to many games. Looking forward to their future!
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