Foles Declines Eagles $20M Option. What’s Next?

Former Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles has decided to hit free agency after buying out of his $20mil option for just $2mil. Foles is expected to be one of the most sought after Free Agents this offseason with teams like the Giants, Jaguars, Raiders and etc. looking for a Quarterback to move forward with in the 2019-20 season and beyond.

Tagging Foles Should be the Plan:

Throwing a Franchise Tag on Foles and then trading him seems like the right move at the moment. With the current market for a starting caliber Quarterback, why let him walk when you can get something in return?

Not only would trading him benefit the Eagles it also allows Foles to get what he wants too. The franchise tag would mean that Foles gets paid in the top five salaries of the quarterback position for next year or, 120 percent of the his previous salary which ever one is more. Another plus if they tag Foles is that we don’t need to see him in the NFC East. Washington and New York are Quarterback needy and may pursue Foles if he was in the Free Agent pool.

Carson Wentz is the Franchise QB:

It’s sad to see the days winding down with Foles on the Eagles, but this team is Carson’s. There are some people that say Foles is better then Wentz and that is just not true. Wentz has shown us what he is capable of when healthy which is that of a MVP candidate. Last season the media’s agenda was that Carson wasn’t good which just isn’t true. It was his first season back off a torn ACL and he showed a little rust but was still among the league’s best.

2018-19 numbers – 3.074 passing yards 21TDS 7INTS 64.3 Total QBR

Wentz now has a full off-season to get healthy and a lot of teams should be scared for what’s to come. He also has something to prove with his former backup bringing in multiple Playoff wins and a Superbowl trophy to the city during his absence.

What to get for Foles:

With Foles most likely leaving, the Eagles compensation for the Quarterback if they decide to tag him is the biggest mystery. The trade that most of us have heard is shipping him to Jacksonville for star RB Leonard Fournette, who has had a falling out with the Jaguars front office. As mentioned before there are many other suitors in the market for Foles that could offer players and/or picks of the same value as Fournette. Nonetheless, it should be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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