How Much Would A Wilson Ramos Extension Cost?

At the July 31st trade deadline, the Phillies acquired Wilson Ramos from the Tampa Bay Rays for essentially an at-best long-man and cash. Ramos since joining the Phils has provided hitting that this team simply doesn’t have. Ramos has easily been the best batter in the Phil’s lineup the last month, but Matt Klentak is now forced to make a decision. Do the Phillies bring back Wilson Ramos with Jorge Alfaro under team control until 2024?

2016, Ramos is hitting .298/.342/.833 with 48 homers, 51 doubles, and 176 rbis. Over that span, Ramos has been voted into two all-star games, so he certainly is an elite talent hitting the market. According to¬†, Wilson Ramos’s market value this winter is going to be around $13.5 million annually a year. I look at deals that were recently handed out to Brian McCann and Russell Martin.

In December 2013, the Yankees signed 29-year-old, Brian McCann to a five-year, $85 million contract.

In November 2014, the Blue Jays signed 31-year-old, Russell Martin to a five-year, $82 million contract.

Neither deal has panned out the the way the respected clubs would’ve liked which could be looked at as a good thing for the Phillies. The catcher position is one of the most valuable positions in the game, and finding one seems to be the hardest job in the sport. While Ramos misses a lot of games, he’s one of the best catchers in the league.¬†Something around a three-year, $45 million seems like a reasonable deal for Ramos this winter.

So now I ask, would it be a good move to sign Wilson Ramos through the age of 34 with Jorge Alfaro already on the roster? I say do the move. Wilson Ramos is one of the best bats available on the market this winter, and in his short stint with the Phillies has proved to be a difference maker. Don’t worry about Jorge Alfaro and his progression. Alfaro would still likely start 2 games a week, if not more. This signing would allow Alfaro to work on his blocking and batters eye. Jorge has one of the highest strikeout rates in baseball this year (126 strikeouts in 345 plate appearances), so giving him the next year or two to simply just work on his weaknesses might be the best play to take. Regardless, Ramos is a good fit in Philadelphia and signing him back should be what Matt Klentak decides to do.

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