Is Bryce Harper Worth The Mega Contract?

The day seems like it is finally closing in. With Manny Machado signing a 10 year, 300 million dollar deal with the Padres now all that’s left is the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. Multiple teams have been in and out of the mix for Harper but it seems that all signs point to the Phillies being the favorite to land the 26 year old superstar. Harper will most likely receive more money then Machado did which leads the question on his he worth more than 300 million dollars?

Don’t get me wrong if the Phillies are to sign Harper it does put them right in the picture of teams to contend for a World Series for years to come but 300+ million dollars is a lot of money to invest into one player over the next decade. One big thing when deciding on this investment is injury concerns. In three of his seven seasons in the MLB Bryce Harper has failed to play in 120 games. In 2014 Harper only played in 100 games.

Another thing to be brought up is that the Phillies could use that money to bolster the roster in other areas that still need improvement. The front office has done a nice job in adding more talent to this roster with the signings of Andrew McCutchen and David Robertson. Along with trading for Marlins’ All Star catcher JT Realmuto. Adding another superstar in Harper would cap off a very good offseason but there are still other options to go to add depth to this Phillies’ team.

Pitching was one of the weaker areas for the Phillies last season both in the starting rotation and in the bullpen. Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are two pitchers the Phillies could add as opposed to giving over 300 million dollars to Bryce Harper over the next decade. Keuchel is another ace the Phillies could add behind Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta, and Kimbrel is an experienced reliever the Phillies could use to close out games. Signing these two may not make as big of an impact to signing Harper but it would strengthen a weak point in their game.

Bryce Harper is a former MVP and is one of the MLB’s bright young stars heading into the prime of his career. Landing him has the potential to be one of the biggest free agent signing in the Phillies’ history. Not to mention the deal he signs will be the largest deal in MLB history. The question is should the Phillies make history or spread the wealth to round out their team?

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