Is the Eagles ‘Dynasty’ Over?

Only nine months ago, Broad Street was filled with fans of all ages celebrating the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win in franchise history. At the parade, an enthusiastic Doug Pederson said that the victorious spirit was “the new norm” for the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans were as optimistic as ever to see the team strive for a repeat. However, through eleven weeks of the season, we’ve only seen a shadow of what last year’s team produced.

The Eagles currently are in third place in the NFC East with a 4-6 record. They’re coming off of the worst defeat a reigning Super Bowl champion has ever endured after getting completely blown out by the Saints 48-7, have brutally blown substantial fourth-quarter leads to the Titans and Panthers, and were defeated by the Cowboys in a pivotal division matchup despite having their bye week to prepare. The injury bug has transformed into an injury parasite that has taken nearly the entire secondary, half of the running back corps, and corrupted an already decimated offensive line.

There are many questions to be discussed about this team. You might ask “Where did it all go wrong?” or “What happened to the 2017-18 team?” But the main conclusion that people are already jumping to is that the Eagles are simply not a good team anymore.

And to that, I say hold your horses. This sudden decline for the Eagles is nothing more than the typical “Super Bowl hangover.” Unless you’re Bill Belichick and the Patriots, it’s nearly impossible to balance the fun and celebration of winning a title and the focus set on the next season.

For example, take the Denver Broncos. It was merely three years ago that they were crowned Super Bowl 50 champions. The defense that carried Peyton Manning to his second ring before retiring was getting consideration as one of the greatest defenses ever. But what happened the following year after a 13-3 season? The Broncos went 9-7 and missed the Playoffs.

If that doesn’t suffice your mellowing confidence in the Eagles, consider what Tom Brady and the Pats accomplished after winning their first ever Super Bowl. Long before he was in the discussion for the greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady went from bringing his team to a Super Bowl victory against the “Greatest Show on Turf” to 9-7 and missing the Playoffs the following season.

While this Philadelphia Eagles team looks incredibly ugly right now, there is still hope going forward. This season isn’t even lost in itself yet considering Alex Smith’s devastating injury, the mediocrity of the Cowboys, and the laughing stock the Giants are. The Birds are in a perfect situation to capitalize off of this weak division for this season in a miracle fashion this year or in future seasons.

Don’t let one bad season following the greatest season in franchise history be the reason you lose faith in this team. It’s widely understood by teams who won the Super Bowl and struggled the next season, like the 2002 Patriots, that their level of greatness in the years following was not affected by one bad season. Besides, are you really going to continue doubting the team with a roster great enough to pull off a Super Bowl victory with a backup quarterback running the show? I didn’t think so. Fly Eagles, Fly.

Featured Photo Credit: Butch Dill- Associated Press

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