Is The Eagles Offense Missing Frank Reich?

Since the 2017 Super Bowl run, the Eagles offense has been shaky at best. Some may blame injuries for that as others will blame the talent on the field. But what many overlook is the departure of Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich who took the head coaching job in Indianapolis following that Super Bowl victory against New England.

Looking back at the 2017-18 campaign, it’s hard to remember a time when the offense looked bad. Yes, there were those few games where the team was still recouping after the Wentz injury but looking at the season as a whole, it was a well oiled machine. The creativity was off the charts, the run game was the best we’ve seen since McCoy was traded, and most importantly it was just productive.

Eagles Offense under Reich (2017):
Points Per Game: 28.6 (t-2nd)
Passing Yards: 3,737 (13th)
Rushing Yards: 2,115 (3rd)

Reich duplicated similar dominance the following season during his first year with the Colts and Andrew Luck. This was mostly impressive considering Luck hadn’t seen game action in over a year and the Colts were a heavily regressing team trending backwards.

When Reich arrived, the offense thrived and Indianapolis snapped their 3yr Postseason drought.

Colts Offense under Reich (2018): 
Points Per Game: 27.1 (5th)
Passing Yards: 4,461 (6th)
Rushing Yards: 1,718 (20th)

We’re in the process of going two straight years with an average to below average offense. As mentioned before, injuries and personnel could be the reason for that. But when we think back to the 2017 season, there were plenty of injuries to go around. What seems to be lacking now is the creativity and productivity of the offense which shows in the numbers.

Eagles Offense without Reich:
2018 –
Points Per Game: 22.9 (18th)
Passing Yards: 4,275 (7th)
Rushing Yards: 1,570 (28th)

2019 through 7 games – 
Points Per Game: 24.4 (14th)
Passing Yards: 1,597(18th)
Rushing Yards: 782 (11th)

After just being stomped out by Dallas with only 10pts to show for, the Eagles offense finds itself in a bad place and it doesn’t get any easier from here. With an upcoming schedule of Buffalo, Chicago, and New England they’ll be tasked against some of the best defenses in the league.

We’ll find out in the next few weeks what this Eagles offense is all about. Howie may make a move for some weapons on the outside, we can expect a return from DeSean Jackson, and current players will hopefully step their games up.

But at the end of the day if this Eagles offense continues to struggle, we all must ask ourselves the question of “Was Frank Reich more important than we thought?”.

Featured Image: (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

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