It’s Time for a Change in Center

We aren’t even in June yet, but it’s time to talk about this Philadelphia Phillies squad. As I’m writing this they hold a 28-19 record which is the third best winning % in the National League and lead the NL East by 2.5 games. All of this success comes to me as a shock though, because the Phillies season has been quite odd thus far. They can make baseball seem very easy in one inning while the next two are complete bloodbaths. Despite this, they’re still winning games.

Considering the Phillies have this good of a record with really the entire team not consistently performing at a high level is amazing. If you look at the numbers offensively, the only every day players with solid/consistent production are Jean Segura, JT Realmuto and maybe César Hernández. Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper, and Rhys Hoskins have gone in and out of spurts but should start producing at high level by season’s end.

But how could the Phillies improve before then?

Replacing Odubel
Odubel has been one of the faces of this franchise during their rebuild years so saying goodbye could hurt for some. But I did some research on Odubel dating back from last season and came up with this:

We all know that Odubel has been abysmal for awhile, but most are unaware of exactly how long he’s been slumping (basically a season long stretch).

With Scott Kingery back, the Phillies need to really consider making him the primary center fielder, or at least try it out for a couple weeks. Gabe Kapler seems like he wants to make Scotty a super utility man, but he’s too good to sit right now. Aaron Atherr, Nick Williams and Roman Quinn are all elsewhere so making Odubel the fourth outfielder for the next few weeks or month wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Scott Kingery 2019:
40 Plate Appearances
.389 BA
.450 OBP

Featured Image: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

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