Let the Birds Fly

According to the man himself, George Costanza invented the “It’s not you, it’s me” routine. It’s a simple way of explaining to someone, “Hey, I’m just not looking for anything right now. You’re great, but I’m not in the right mindset to put us through this.” It’s a simple, straight to the point approach toward ending a relationship that feigns empathy and achieves the ultimate goal: losing the dead weight.

As the clock was ticking toward all zeroes Sunday afternoon in South Philly, we could already see the reactions flowing in from social media concerning a large group of Eagles defensive players having themselves a time.

While most reviews were stellar, it should come as no surprise that some people saw a problem with the way the Eagles were behaving while cruising to a  31-3 victory.


“They need to act like they’ve been there before…”

“Show some respect…”

A routine preface to any of the above commentary usually looked something like this: “I realize I’m old school, BUT…” which is the equivalent to the crotchety neighbor at the end of your block setting themself up to complain about the way you place your trash cans on the curb every Tuesday. There’s no room for it, and it’s time to put those people in their place.

The old adage is that in order to prevent teams from showing you up, you need to shut them down.  Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith voiced his displeasure with anyone that has issues with how the team celebrates.

“There’s always one way to stop that. Win. Shut them up. Then guys aren’t going to be celebrating.” 

It’s really as simple as that. For a team to whip out some sort of offensive or derogatory dance/celebration would be one thing, but to have an electric slide performance strike a nerve with people is the very definition of soft. At 10-1, these guys should be allotted as much free reign as possible. They’re grown men, acting like kids, playing the game most of them have participated in their whole lives. What’s not to love?

Take all of the nonsensical arguments about “preserving the integrity of the game” and disappear into the abyss along with every other fan of opposing teams the Birds have demolished thus far. If you’re still feeling conflicted it gives me great pleasure to show you the door and elicit Costanza’s aforementioned routine with a bit of a twist.

It is most definitely NOT the Eagles. It’s you.

Joe Vicente

Delco bred, living in Denver. Member of the US Army. Cody Ross still haunts my dreams. Twitter: @JosephPVicente

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