Looking at the 2018 Eagles Season

Gut wrenching is an easy two word description of the 2018 Eagles season. After beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 without Carson Wentz it was expected the Eagles would become the next dynasty in football. That fantasy has turned a complete 180 in just 10 months. The Eagles 2018 season has been riddled with injuries once again including 6 opening night starters being placed on IR not even counting; Jordan Hicks, Sidney Jones, Timmy Jernigan, Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Richard Rodgers, Corey Clement, Avonte Maddox, Darren Sproles, and Mack Hollins whom have all missed extended amounts of time. You get the point…

You can blame Jim Schwartz and Doug Pederson for not making adjustments, and those points are valid. My case is the best thing for the Eagles might be to miss the playoffs. Missing the post season is not ideal to any stretch especially when this would be Carson Wentz’s third year not playing a playoff game. Missing the playoffs, however will get the Eagles into the off-season sooner which will allow:
1.) Players to start rehab and get healthy for 2019
2.) Roseman and Douglas to master their big board for an important 2019 NFL Draft
3.) The Eagles to get a better draft position
4.) The chance to avoid a first place schedule for next season.

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Not winning the division and giving the reigns to Dallas Cowboys might end up to win in the long run. This off-season or maybe in the next few weeks, Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott will each receive contract extensions. You can say what you want about Jason Garrett winning 3 division titles in 9 years that’s if he’s able to hang on this year in the standings (which he should). Jason Garrett is not the coach his record says he is. Garrett is the epitome of Jeff Fisher.

For Jason Garrett’s case he has an All Pro running back and a quarterback that is on the books for $630,000 this season. Once Dak gets his expected $100 million dollar deal, with Ezekiel Elliott’s and Amari Cooper’s pay days coming soon what will that leave for the Cowboys? Are those three players a nice trio? Sure, but paying a running back quarterback type numbers is not how you build a NFL roster long-term, especially when your quarterback is Captain Check-down.

So here’s something to look at, the Eagles not making the playoffs a season after winning the first Super Bowl in franchise history is a tough pill to shallow, but this is Philadelphia sports we are talking about. Nothing is easy, you aren’t going to get a dynasty just because you won a ring with your backup quarterback. The 2019 Eagles will be better because of improved depth (10 draft picks) and a healthier roster. That is all we can hope for!

[Featured Image: Tim Heitman/USA Today Sports]


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