Making the Case for These Longshots at QB

Before we start, if you consider yourself a super serious individual then turn away now. If not, be prepared to be swayed.

The following quarterbacks that I’ll mention below may be considered farfetched for the Eagles after the Carson Wentz injury. But I believe everyone can make a case for the job. While some would make much more sense than others, there’s still a barrier between them and the Eagles.

Colin Kaepernick (Justice Served)
If we’re being honest, this isn’t as farfetched as one may think.

Kaepernick has proven to be effective in the league. And when it comes to playoffs? The QB is 4-2 with a NFC Championship on his resume. In those 6 career playoff games he has accumulated 1,374 yards through the air, a 7-5 touchdown/interception ratio, and a jaw dropping 507 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground.

Many people say that the 49ers defense carried him to the Superbowl, which if you want to believe still fits the criteria for the Eagles. Philadelphia’s defense ranks atop the league, and offensively Kaepernick would have around the same talent as he did in San Fransisco.

Frank Gore = Jay Ajayi, Legarrete Blount, Corey Clement
Michael Crabtree = Alshon Jeffery
Randy Moss (35yrs old) = Nelson Agholor
Mario Manningham = Torrey Smith
Vernon Davis = Zach Ertz
Delanie Walker = Trey Burton

With Nate Sudfeld as our current backup, Lurie and the Eagles may want to suck it up when it comes to Colin’s social protests and sign the man.

Now time to escalate the ridiculousness.

Tony Romo (Behind Enemy Lines)
Imagine seeing Romo in an Eagles uniform.

Yes, I’d have the same reaction. It’d be like seeing Randall Cunningham in a Cowboys uniform all over again. Just weird stuff. But as much as we despise Tony Romo he was consistently a top 10 QB in the NFL, and if we happened to win some games with him that hate may fade away.

Romo, currently a broadcaster for FOX was a hot commodity in the beginning of the season fresh into retirement. Teams like the Dolphins, Broncos, and Jets were all rumored to be interested and rightfully so.

The 35yr old was a Pro Bowler just 3 seasons ago. During that campaign he tossed for 3,705 yards through the air, added a 34-9 touchdown/interception ratio, and led the Cowboys to a 12-3 season.

In no way I want to compare Romo to Peyton Manning, because he’s obviously far inferior. But take a look at the Denver Broncos Super Bowl season. The defense played lights out and Manning although far too old, offered veteran experience and got the job done.

By adding Romo this would be the path the Eagles would ultimately be looking for.

Johnny Manziel (Paul Crewe 2.0)

Who wants to play some Johnny Football!?

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The 25yr old has been out of the league since 2015. In just 6 NFL games Manziel tallied 1,675 yards through the air, 7-7 touchdown/interception ratio, and 259 yards on the ground. The talent is clearly there, but it’s the off field issues that have derailed his career.

Manziel is reportedly trying to make a comeback, but with his off field actions there have been no biters. Seeing how his good friend Josh Gordon is thriving, who experienced similar problems, maybe there is still hope for Johnny. Everyone deserves a 5th chance. Right?

Tim Tebow (Miracle Maker)

Alright, polar opposite of Johnny Manziel when it comes to personality. But if the Eagles need a miracle look no further than Timothy Tebow.  The 30yr old was with the Eagles just 2yrs ago eventually getting cut before the preseason conceded. Although mechanically it isn’t a pretty sight, Tebow simply gets it done.

Currently in the New York Mets farm system Tebow has a NFL resume of 2,422 yards through the air, a 17-9 touchdown/interception ratio, while garnering 989 yards on the ground with 12 touchdowns. This all comes in his 16 career starts.

Another plus to this would be Philadelphia’s relationship with God. I’m not sure you’ll find a more religious duo than Wentz and Tebow. They’ll have the man upstairs in their pockets.

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