Matt Klentak Made All of the Right Moves

The Trade Deadline has officially passed and even though the Phillies did not acquire a huge star like Manny Machado or Chris Archer they still improved their team in their weakest spots. Asdrubal Cabrera, Wilson Ramos, and Aaron Loup are all very talented players that can help the Phillies in the second half. The Phillies really only needed two things, bullpen help and an infielder that can hit. Their starting pitching is the main reason the Phillies are in first right now, their rotation has the 8th lowest ERA in the MLB. Even though the Phillies were looking at outfielders it kind of made no sense. Whoever they brought in would not start over Hoskins or Herrera and over the last month Williams has hit .311 with 5 homeruns and 13 RBIs.

Asdrubal Cabrera Trade

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This move was basically plan B after the Phillies missed out on Machado. It was starting to become obvious that J.P. Crawford and Scott Kingery could not help contribute the offense needed for the Phillies to make a push towards playoffs. This does not mean that the Phillies have given up on Kingery or Crawford because Cabrera is just a one year rental and the duo will have a chance to improve next season. The Phillies gave up their No.10 prospect RHP Franklyn Kilome. The Phillies were high on Kilome because of his 6’6″ height and upper 90s fastball that is complimented with a good curveball. However, he has almost no control of his pitches, he is averaging 4.5 BB/9 right now in Double AA and being 23 years old the Phillies expected him to figure out his control by now. Asdrubal Cabrera is probably who you rather hear about anyway. This season Cabrera has a slash line of .272/.322./.475 with 18 homeruns and 58 RBIs. Only two players on the Phillies have a slash line with those numbers or better, Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco. The 18 homeruns and 58 RBIs also rank 3rd each in the Phillies lineup. Cabrera also put together a WAR of 1.8 so far this season and although that is not a crazy high WAR it is still better than the -0.1 that Kingery and Crawford have posted this season. One aspect that cannot be measured in numbers is the veteran presence that Cabrera brings with him in the clubhouse. Cabrera is currently in his 12th MLB season and has played in multiple post season games. Cabrera and Carlos Santana played together in Cleveland for many years and just like Santana has helped Franco and other young hitters this season hopefully Cabrera can do the same. So Matt Klentak basically added their third best hitter in the lineup with an abundance of knowledge and experience for a Double AA pitcher who can’t find the strike zone.

Wilson Ramos Trade

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You might remember this name from the years that he played for the Nationals. Wilson Ramos was enjoying one of the best seasons of his career this year and was selected as the starter for the American League in the All Star game until he landed on the 10 Day DL with a hamstring injury. In 79 games this season Ramos had a line of .297/.346/.488 and hit 14 homeruns with 53 RBIs. In a 162 game season those statistics would come out to about 29 homeruns and 108 RBIs. The statistic that really stands out in an effort to help the Phillies offense is that Ramos is hitting .372 with RISP which the Phillies currently sit 22nd in the MLB with an averageof .245. This definitely improves the Phillies offensive wise at the catcher position and even defensively when Knapp is catching. A lot of people are angry that Ramos might not be able to play until Late August or Early September but if the Phillies can maintain first place through August then adding an offensive piece like Ramos will make the Phillies tough to catch in September. This was probably my favorite trade that Klentak make this deadline. Matt Klentak only gave up “A Player To Be Named Later or Cash” for Ramos but Klentak said the if they go the route of giving up a player instead of cash it will be someone who is not highly ranked in the Phillies system. So Klentak acquired an All Star catcher for a player who probably won’t even make the Majors. Also since Ramos is only a one year rental it will give Alfaro the chance to learn behind him and prove himself again next season. Alfaro wasn’t doing terrible this season but just like at shortstop the Phillies needed more if they wanted to make playoffs. Alfaro was batting .255 with a .402 SLG% but his 37.6 K% is extremely high and has burned the Phillies on many occasions. Just like Kingery, Alfaro will be a starter next season and will hopefully cut the strikeouts down and make more solid contact, his defensive skills are already pretty elite.

Aaron Loup Trade


This trade was kind of quiet because it happened around the same time as the Wilson Ramos trade. The Phillies gave up almost nothing for Loup as well, they gave up 24 year old Jacob Waguespack who was not on the Phillies Top 30 prospect list. Overall if you look at Aaron Loup’s numbers it looks like he has struggled this season with a 4.54 ERA. The Phillies plan on using Loup specifically to lefties, with Adam Morgan struggling this year it looks like Loup will take his spot. Loup is a power arm he currently is averaging a K/9 of 10.60 and he is posting an ERA of 3.00 against lefties which is who he will face the majority of the time. This is not a blockbuster trade but adding Loup gives the Phillies a reliable bullpen option against left handed hitter which they have struggled with this season.

Overall Matt Klentak gave away a descending prospect and two other minor league players for an a top of the lineup middle infielder, an All Star catcher, and a reliable lefty specialist bullpen option. I know may were upset the Phillies didn’t get Machado but to outbid the Dodgers the Phillies were be taking a major risk giving up that many prospects and restrict themselves from adding depth to their team like they did. If these 3 players walk after this season it does not hurt the Phillies prospect wise or talent wise if our younger players develop but if Machado walked after this year then the Phillies would have no backup plan if their young core does not work out. Matt Klentak just made a bunch of Low Risk-High Reward deals this deadline and that’s something Phillie fans can’t complain about.




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