Mulling Over Minnesota’s Misery

If Howard Eskin is to be believed (and I can’t blame you if you feel that he is not) then the Eagles will be facing off against the Minnesota Vikings on opening night of the 2018-19 NFL season. The prospect of this rematch got the internet buzzing a bit and for good reason: there’s legitimate national intrigue here.

The “Minnesota Miracle” that occurred on January 14th of this year at the hands of the New Orleans Saints feels as though it happened in 2008, not 2018.  Since Stefon Diggs’ tightrope act that somehow resulted in a game winning touchdown to send the Vikings to the NFC Championship, the franchise has taken hit after hit from the city of brotherly love.

Let’s start with the absolute beatdown in the conference championship game. The unabashed misery of Vikings fans that attended the game was plastered all over media outlets nationwide. Far-reaching stories of all Philadelphians mistreating the visiting fans soon became backseat nonsense to the realization that Vikings fans were just all-around soft. Viral clips of fans describing harmless taunts as if they were hate speech opened most people’s eyes to it. This is now seemingly a universal truth. Here in Denver, Colorado, the hilarity of Vikings fans reactions did not go unnoticed by Broncos fans or even Cowboys fans (believe me, there are almost as many Texans in Colorado as Coloradans).

Fast forward two weeks to Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank stadium. Ah, yes. Minneapolis’ state-of-the-art home field barely 2 years in age. When most Vikings fans think of U.S. Bank stadium years from now, they may very well remember that improbable playoff win vs. the Saints. But they’ll also certainly remember the Eagles defeating the greatest quarterback of all time in the most electric fashion. On their turf. Their brand new stadium set up for all the world to see, now home to the Philly Special. Consider the Bank christened.

Let’s return to modern day. CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated seem to be echoing Howard Eskin’s scoop. All eyes of the sports world will be refocused on South Philadelphia opening night as Minnesota comes back to town with their tail between their legs to watch the hometown Eagles hoist their very first Super Bowl banner on national TV, something the Vikings have never done. A banner brought to you by a score of 38-7 at our place, and 41-33 at theirs.

Relish this Philly. This domination over a franchise and their salty fans who try to stain your name could be fleeting. So cherish it. September 6th cannot come soon enough.

UPDATE (4/19): The Philadelphia Eagles will be facing the Atlanta Falcons at home to start the 2018-19 NFL season. Screw Howard Eskin, but screw the state of Minnesota harder.

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