Plot Twist: Carson Wentz Was Good in 2018

Despite what the media may try to tell you, Carson Wentz was excellent in 2018.

Yesterday, Wentz was announced as the highest rated Quarterback in the NFC East by Pro Football Focus with a 79.4 score. Dak Prescott was ranked second (74.6), followed by our very own Nick Foles, Alex Smith and Eli Manning.

This grade came in a season where Wentz accumulated 3,074 yards through the air with a 21-7 TD/INT ratio. These solid numbers were overlooked due to the team’s inability to win football games. Dak Prescott, who had 3,885 passing yards with a 22-8 TD/INT ratio, played in 5 more games than Wentz and only barely passed him out in statistical categories.

– Prescott was named a 2019 Pro Bowler. 

Wentz vs. Other Quarterbacks (5 missed games)
Yards Per Game >
– Aaron Rodgers
– Tom Brady
– Phillip Rivers

Passing Touchdowns >
– Derek Carr
– Matthew Stafford
– Eli Manning

Passing Rating >
– Jared Goff
– Aaron Rodgers
– Tom Brady

Moving Forward
Wentz now has a full off-season to recover from the back fracture and ACL tear that held him back a bit last season. He also has all of this time to not only get 100% healthy but also improve his game. It’s worth noting that the last full off-season Wentz has had under his belt was after his rookie season in 2016, where he transformed himself into a MVP candidate. Not getting enough work this past off-season showed in certain moments where he missed throws he usually makes.

With the Eagles expecting to trade or let go of Foles, the franchise now solely depends on Wentz. He has had two seasons in a row cut short because of injury so it is key to keep him healthy. When Carson is on the field he automatically makes this team dangerous. And with some doubters to prove wrong this upcoming season, you could be sure he’ll be bringing his best.

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