Pros vs. Cons of the Jimmy Butler Trade

Today was a landmark day in The Process, Elton Brands career, and the NBA season. The Philadelphia 76ers won the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes and will get him and Justin Patton in exchange for Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 2nd round pick. Many fans are for this trade as it brings in a solidified star to Philly without giving much but I’m here to show some pros and cons of this trade and break it down. Here’s my breakdown of the Jimmy Butler trade.

Pros: Justin Patton

Justin Patton is a 6 foot 11 Power Forward from Creighton University. He was picked 16th overall by the Chicago Bulls in 2017 before being moved to the Timberwolves along with Jimmy Butler. Patton was an incredible lengthy big with a good vertical in college and has been sidelined a majority of his young career with injuries but could be a breakout young big for the team. Justin played 38 games for the Iowa Wolves, Minnesota’s G League affiliate, averaging 12.7 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Justin Patton has the potential to be a key piece from this trade barring health.

Pro: Adding a 3rd star

The 76ers finally got their solidified third star in this trade in Jimmy Butler. Butlers locker room problems you could say were a good one mostly due to trying to get a higher work ethic out of a young team. Butler can hopefully bring that intensity to this team and help some younger players bring their game to the next level. Acquiring that star also puts them easily in that top tier of Eastern Conference teams such as the Bucks, Raptors, and Celtics. The main thing to watch it to make sure the team meshes well together and has good chemistry because that will make all the difference good or bad.

Pro: MLE space

With this trade the 76ers were also able to create Mid Level Exception space to create a vet minimum contract. This is going to be huge late in the season when the Buyout market emerges. You could see a player like Kyle Korver or someone among the likes hit the open market and Philadelphia will be sitting there as one of the top favorites for these players to go to.  They were able to do this last year with Beli and Ersan. It will be interesting to see what players they could get this season.

Pro: What they didn’t give up

In what seems to be a shock, The 76ers did not have to move a single 1st round pick or Markelle Fultz to get a star and that is a very good thing. Because this offseason you will still have your own first rounder and the small possibility the Kings get the first pick. Fultz has shown flashes to be good and is still so young that it won’t even be 4-5 years before he is in his prime. This is a huge piece in this trade that he did not move and it is a very good thing.

Pro: Jimmy Butler 

And the crown jewel in all of this, adding 4 time all star and 2 time all team NBA player Jimmy Butler. Butler comes from Minnesota averaging 21.3 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game. Butler looks to become an immediate impact on the court as he is an all around good player offensively and defensively. Butler’s defense is incredible as he has 4 all defense awards throughout his career. Most recently in 2018. Butler can work well with or without the ball in his hand and is great at creating his own shots and getting to the rim with ease. With the passing and driving of Simmons, post ability of Embiid, and Butler’s all around game this team will be fascinating.

Con: No long term commitment

While Philly expects there the be a commitment from Butler there is officially no word on if that will happen as Minnesota made it a point in trade talks that there was no side conversation regarding extensions as the negotiations went on. Hopefully it will turn out like a Paul George scenario and he won’t leave after one season.

Con: Age

One of the Cons that is not talked about much is how Jimmy Butler is currently 29 and most likely entering the end of his prime. Hopefully he still has a few years left in the tank but at 29 coming off a torn meniscus it will be interesting to see how he performs throughout the season. Butler has been fine so far and should see some rest and not be played 40 mins a night like he was in Minnesota. But it will not look good if you give him the max until he is 34 and his game regresses. Hopefully Butler can age well and this won’t have to be a problem but there’s nothing that can be done now.

Con: Losing Depth

One major con of this trade is there is a loss at depth for the 76ers currently. They will likely be playing two games without 3 key pieces and going down the road their bench is weakened with the loss of Saric. You could say Butler replaces Roco in terms of defense and scoring. But Saric’s presence as a big man is sure to be lost in this deal. The Homie was having a down year but mainly it was likely to needing a rest from overseas playing. But that is the risk you have to take when you trade for a star like Jimmy Butler.

The Verdict: Good Trade

As a 76ers since the process it is hard to see cornerstones from that era like Covington and Saric leave. But Butler is an upgrade over Covington and Saric was the piece you had to give up. And in return you don’t have to give up a pick, get a set star, and a possible good bench big in Patton. It will be exciting to see Butler make his debut Wednesday against the Orlando Magic and hopefully this will take Philadelphia to the next level they need to get to. Trust the Process.


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