Ranking the Top 5 Phillies Since 2000

Unfortunately, the baseball season and sports world as a whole has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As fans such as myself continue to lose their minds in quarantine, I though it’d be fun ranking the top 5 Phillies of the new millenium (see title).

We’ve had a lot of talent come through the organization so I’m sure you could make the case for some guys that I didn’t put on the list. Either way, my rankings are below! Feel free to comment and share your opinions.

1. Jimmy Rollins
Phillies career: MVP, 4x Gold Glove, WS

I’m sure most Phillies fans would throw Utley in the top spot but Rollins is #1 for me.

Not only does he hold a handful of franchise records (hits, doubles), Rollins was a league MVP in 2007. In his prime, he could do it all. Rollins offered gold glove caliber play at SS, could steal 30+ bases and also go yard. Being apart of the 2008 World Series team forever cemented his legacy.

2. Chase Utley
Phillies career: 6x AS, 4x Silver Slugger, WS

Coming in at #2 is probably the most beloved Phillie of all time, Chase Utley. From hitting a grand slam for his first career hit to dropping the f bomb at the World Series parade, Chase was certainly “The Man”.

Utley was not only one of the best second basemen of his time but the reason why so many loved him was his approach to the game. The intensity he brought was worshiped in Philadelphia and around the league.

3. Cole Hamels
Phillies career: 114-90 3.30 ERA WS MVP

Cole Hamels career with the Phillies was iconic. Being the team’s ace for their many deep playoff runs deserves high praise. “Hollywood”, as fans called him, was a Cy Young contender every season and his MVP worthy performance in the ’08 World Series cemented his legacy.

Hamels also gets style points for pitching a no-hitter in his last career start for Philadelphia.

4. Ryan Howard
Phillies career: 3x AS, MVP, WS

Ryan Howard might’ve been immortal early in his career. His run from 2005-09 was truly remarkable. Before injuries started taking their toll, “The Big Piece” was one of the most lethal power hitters in the game.

Like Rollins, Howard was a NL MVP in 2006, the most prestigious honor in baseball. With that in mind and of course being a big part of the ’08 World Series team, he easily makes this list.

5. Roy Halladay
Phillies career: 55-29 3.25 ERA Cy Young

From a talent perspective, you could make the argument that Halladay is the most talented player to ever come through the Phillies organization. Only playing 4yrs in Philadelphia, he made quick work of making an impact.

Halladay won the Cy Young in his first season with Philadelphia at the age of 33. In that same season he pitched a perfect game and a no-hitter. His legacy in not just Philadelphia but the sports world as a whole will never be forgotten. #34 will never be worn in Phillies pinstripes again. Rest in peace, Doc!