Who to Root For On This Bye Week

Get a spot on the couch and turn on RedZone, its Bye Week Sunday. As the Eagles try and maintain the top seed in the NFC, they would love some help by having their competition knocked down a few pegs. Here is the schedule of NFL games today and tomorrow and who the Eagles need to lose to increase their chances of winning the NFC and earning home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Jets @ Buccaneers 1:00pm

The Buccaneers were projected to be a top team the NFC this year, however they have underachieved in outstanding fashion. Tampa is 2-6 and they pose no threat to the Eagles in the NFC hunt. However, it is usually best to root for the AFC team.

Root for the Jets

Packers @ Bears 1:00pm

The Packers have definitely become a lot less of a threat since losing Aaron Rodgers. The Bears weren’t scary at the start of the season and they won’t be at the end of it either, with a current record of 3-5 and in last place in the NFC North. Chances are Brett Hundley won’t be able to lead the Packers to a strong enough record to come close to the Eagles, however you should still support the underdog.

Root for the Bears

Browns @ Lions 1:00pm

Detroit has really fallen off after starting the season 3-1. They have dropped to 4-4 and second in the NFC North. Even if they did somehow catch the Eagles at the end of the season, 3 of their 4 losses have come against NFC teams, which significantly hurts their chances at a tiebreaker. The Lions shouldn’t scare the Eagles, but its better to be safe then sorry.

Root for the Browns

Vikings @ Redskins 1:00pm

This is an interesting game for the Eagles. Normally, you would always want your division rival to lose. In this case, however, the Birds are 4 games up on Washington and have beaten them twice this season. The Vikings are 6-2 and one of the top seeds in the NFC. With a Vikings loss, the Eagles could really gain some separation from the Vikings in the conference standings.

Root for the Vikings

Saints @ Bills 1:00pm

Drew Brees and the Saints continue to surprise the entire the NFL as they have now won 6 straight games. Today, they play a tough 5-3 Buffalo team. The Saints are going to have the face the elements today as the temperature continues to drop in Buffalo and it will be difficult for them to win. Lessen McCoy and the Bills would definitely be doing Philadelphia a solid by taking down the 6-2 Saints who are 2nd(!!) in the NFC.

Root for the Bills

Bengals @ Titans 1:00pm

The outcome of this game really has no effect on the Eagles. I’m going to be petty and root against Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray and the Titans, but you can cheer on either team.

Root for whoever you want

Chargers @ Jaguars 1:00pm

If you are like me, you are really tired of people making less of the Eagles 8-1 record by claiming that they have not beaten any legitimate teams. This game also doesn’t have any direct effect on the Bird’s season, however their strength of schedule so far would increase with a Chargers win.

Root for whoever you want

Steelers @ Colts 1:00pm

The Steelers are on a really hot streak right now and even though both of these teams are in the AFC, it is a good idea to root for the underdog to weaken the rest of the competition throughout the league.

Root for the Colts

Giants @ 49ers 4:25pm

The Giants are 1-7 and have no chance of doing anything this year and neither do the Niners. The winner of this game won’t come near the Eagles in the standings, but I just really enjoy watching the Giants lose.

Root for the 49ers

Texans @ Rams 4:05pm

The Rams have been dominant from the get-go this year and are leading the NFC West and are 4th in the NFC. The Eagles’ matchup with LA is fast approaching and it would be a gift from the football gods to have the Deshaun Watson-less Texans go into the Coliseum and beat the 6-2 Rams. If they can, that would be another threat to the Eagles taken down this week.

Root for the Texans

Cowboys @ Falcons 4:25pm

You don’t need me to tell you who to root for in this game. Dallas is the only team capable of stopping the Eagles from winning the division. If the Dirty Birds can re-create that some of that offensive firepower they had throughout 2016, they should easily beat the Cowboys who are without two All-Pro players, Ezekiel Elliott and Tyron Smith. On top of that, Atlanta desperately needs a win today in order to get back into the competitive NFC South.

Root for the Falcons

Patriots @ Broncos 8:30pm (SNF)

The Broncos are a lot better team than they showed last week against Philly and they can put up a fight against New England. Both teams are in the AFC but, the Patriots are definitely the more dominant team. Plus, it’s always a good day when the Patriots lose.

Root for the Broncos

Dolphins @ Panthers 8:30 pm (MNF)

Monday Night Football presents a cross-conference matchup between the streaking Panthers and the sinking Dolphins. The Eagles have the head-to-head advantage against Carolina, but it wouldn’t hurt for Cam and Co. to get another L on their record.

Root for the Dolphins

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