Thanking The Sixers For 2018

The day has finally come, December 31st, 2018. A year that was filled with many highs and lows involving our beloved Philadelphia Sixers. The last week or so I put together my timeline of the 2018 Sixers. Before I put in the timeline, I’d like to say that I am a perfectionist, so please if I missed something that was catastrophic in 2018 please leave it in the comments! Here we go!


    • TJ McConnell records a triple double.
    • Joel Embiid makes his first all star game. Voted in as a starter.
    • Picking up Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli off the scraps to help boost a playoff run.


    • Markelle returns, gets a standing ovation.
  • Joel Embiid breaks a bone in his face after setting a screen for Markelle Fultz who ended up making contact with Embiid’s face. Sixers would win the next 9 games somehow without Joel.


    • Ben Simmons makes Marco Belinelli look like the MVP of the league.
    • Fultz records a triple double in season finale.
    • Sixers get the third seed in the East, after going a combined 36-126 over the previous two season.
  • Win a playoff series against the Miami Heat in 5 games.


    • First game at home on the Celtics series goes to overtime, but the confetti falls from the ceiling after Marco hit a two where the Sixers staff thought it was a three. Sixers would go to overtime and lose.
    • Sixers would lose the series in 5 games to Boston
  • On May 29th, the Athletic posts an article claiming Bryan Colangelo, Sixers GM at the time, and his wife owning five twitter accounts that leak health information on players, and criticize players blatantly.


    • Bryan resigns, not fired.
    • Brett Brown named the the GM until one is hired.
    • Draft hometown hero Mikal Bridges out of Villanova in the first round. Mother works for the team everything about it is a fun story.
    • Gets traded 10 minutes later to the Suns.
  • Team acquires Zhaire Smith and an unprotected Miami Heat first round pick in 2021.


    • Favored to sign LeBron James by Vegas.
    • Free Agent target, Paul George signs back with the Thunder.
    • Have a meeting with LeBron. Turns out LeBron and Rich Paul, his agent, were NOT in the meeting,
    • LeBron signs with the Lakers.
    • Team is in trade talks with the Spurs about Kawhi Leonard. Talks fell through when the asking price was Ben Simmons.
    • Kawhi traded to the Raptors.
  • Furkan Korkmaz drops 40 in a summer league game.


    • Zhaire Smith breaks his foot. Becomes the fourth first round pick to break their foot for the Sixers in the last 5 years. Embiid (twice), Ben, and Furkan were the others .
    • Daryl Morley declined the GM job.
  • Hire former Sixer, Elton Brand as GM.


  • Drew Hanlen and Markelle Fultz drop their summer workout video of him shooting.
  • Markelle Fultz gets announced as a starter to beginning the season. Hits a three in season opener.
  • Markelle struggles to find a role with Ben and Joel on the court together.


    • Team trades for Jimmy Butler and Justin Patton. Deal sends Robert Covington, Dario Saric, and Jerryd Bayless to Minnesota.
      • Markelle out of the starting lineup.
      • Markelle gets benched for TJ in the second half against the Suns.
      • The next morning Markelle’s camp announce that he will sit out the next few games to see a specialist for his shoulder.
    • Zhaire Smith suffers massive setback. Has a peanut allergy that forced him to lose 20 pounds. Life threatening event. Will be reevaluated in 3 weeks.


      • After a couple weeks, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets out that Markelle Fultz is suffering from a Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. A rare syndrome that was last seen in Landry Fields in the NBA. Landry’s career would breakdown and he would be forced out of the league quickly after being diagnosed.
      • Markelle out indefinitely, will be reevaluated in 3 weeks.
      • Report that Markelle’s camp wants a fresh start in another city, camp denies report later.
    • Half the fan base is convinced that trading Ben Simmons, a top 25 player in the NBA at the age of 21, is a good idea because he might not be the best of fits with Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler.
    • The other half is convinced that Brett Brown should be fired because he doesn’t give the ball enough to Jimmy Butler and he refuses to play his bench players properly.
Ben Simmons Meme

Overall the year was wild. There truly is never a dull moment with the Sixers and truthfully I love the drama. The Philadelphia Sixers will always be relevant for reasons that just don’t make sense. So here’s to another year of hopeful promise to be shown with three top 25 basketball players in the world.

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