The Predicament: What the Sixers Front Office Has Become

Once upon a time the Sixers were one of the best teams in the league at getting peak value for their assets. Today, the Sixers have fallen off a cliff after Sam Hinkie “resigned” **cough** **cough** was fired. Bryan Colangelo, Elton Brand and even Brett Brown have made their fair amount of trades over the last three years and as sad as it is you can make the case that Brett Brown made the best deal of the trio. 

Now for the reality we are in, the Sixers were in a great spot to get out of the 2019 NBA draft with some cheap depth that this team desperately needs. However; the Sixers punted away that opportunity for what exactly? Matisse Thybulle, some fake salary cap relief, three future seconds that all have pretty strong protections and a guy that you and I will never see for a second on the Sixers.

At pick #20, the Sixers traded up for Matisse Thybulle who should be a very nice rotation player for them. The trade up to get him though leaves me scratching my head. Giving up one of the more valuable picks outside of the lottery and No. 24 for him is a pretty blah investment in hindsight.  

Fine the Sixers got a good player. That’s all I can ask for I guess.

The Sixers could have had the 31st pick in the draft, but instead Bryan Colangelo traded it two seasons ago just to get rid of Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas for a few of weeks of Trevor Booker. Keep in mind, the Sixers could’ve have just cut Jahlil Okafor instead of trading the first pick of the second round. 

Whatever the Sixers still have a bunch of picks. They wanted a Jah replacement and it missed, it happens. Okay, fine.

The 33rd pick in the draft was traded with the 24th pick to move up 4 spots to get Matisse Thybulle who the Celtics knew the Sixers were super high on. The Celtics weren’t going to take Thybulle whether you want to believe it or not. You don’t trade the pick if you really want the player, that’s rule number one in drafting.

As for who went 33rd makes this even worse. Carsen Edwards the guy who could’ve… no, would’ve been an improvement, cheaper, and way more playable player in the playoffs than TJ McConnell. 

Oh well, the Sixers have three more picks right? Yeah, sure fine.

The Sixers also owned the 34th pick in the draft as well, they traded it for two future seconds (with massive protections) and No. 57. Awesome! Great! Elton Brand passed on the opportunity to get a really cheap backup center in Bruno Fernando or Daniel Gafford for a slight chance at two future seconds and a pick 23 selections later? UGH.

Oh well, the Sixers still technically have three more picks, right? lol

Then minutes later the Sixers traded Jonathon Simmons and the 42th pick to the Wizards for cash. The Sixers essentially save $333K the next three years off the cap (pocket change). Philadelphia could’ve taken their chance on a prospect by the likes of Bol Bol, Terance Mann, Isaiah Roby or Admiral Schofield here, but instead they put money in Josh Harris’s pocket!

Also, the Sixers end up actually losing money on the cap when you consider the trade up for Thybulle. Trading up from 24 to 20 gives you a $388K increase cap hit this season. So the Sixers end up still having to pay $55K more on the cap for a guy they could’ve gotten at #24. 

Sixers have two more picks and at this point, I actually support trading them away looking at the lack of prospects now on the board Elton BrandHold my beer.

So at pick #54, the Sixers keep the pick and select Marial Shayok out of Iowa State. Shayok is a guy you most likely won’t see anytime soon. He’ll probably be given a two-way contract and spend most of his rookie season in Delaware with the 87ers. 

One more pick. Throw it away. 

With their last pick they owned, the Sixers took athletic guard, Jordan Bone out of Tennessee at #57. It was actually a fun pick, one of the best athletes in the draft, but nope. Sixers traded him for more cash and a 2024 second rounder. 

– Of course.

So to recap, the Sixers had 3 picks in the top 40 and five total overall. They came out of it with Matisse Thybulle, Marial Shayok, cash, and more picks that will ultimately turn into cash.

Is this the end of the world? No, it’s not. Philadelphia could still acquire cheap depth through free agency and they still have bird rights for Jimmy, Tobias, JJ (early bird rights), Boban and TJ (if you want to include him). Fan favorite Mike Scott will probably be back and the same with James Ennis. Those two guys will probably add up to the mid level execution and then that leaves the biannual exception for one more player. 

However; we all know how NBA free agency works, it’s a guessing game. A team could offer James Ennis a couple million more a year and the Sixers have to let him walk because they can’t afford that. Same thing with Mike Scott and JJ Redick. That’s three potential roster spots you have to fill, which is feasibly possible. Those three spots could’ve been Carsen Edwards (at 33), Eric Pascal (at 34), and Bol Bol or Terance Mann (at 42). All who would’ve made under a million dollars. 

My point of this? The Sixers clearly have a ton of flaws in the front office. Between the Tobias trade, the Thybulle trade up, and punting on the second round they leave me with a lack of confidence heading into free agency. 

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