Trading Tips/Reminders

If you are anything like me:

  1. You play in way too many fantasy leagues, upwards of 40 to be exact.
  2. You love making trades in these leagues.

Now that the NFL season is at the quarter pole and our fantasy seasons are even further along then that I thought it’d be a good time to discuss some trading techniques.

Target the weak: Anyone in my leagues that is 0-4 or 1-3 is likely to receive a trade offer from me. Desperation starts to set in when someone realizes they’re in a must-win scenario. When someone is desperate, they’re also more likely to make a rash decision.

Target the need: Do not just blindly send out trade offers. Make sure you’re reviewing a potential trade partners roster. If they have Todd Gurley, Kareem Hunt and Ezekial Elliott don’t offer them a running back. If you have an abundance of Tight ends and they are starting Tyer Higbee or Marcedes Lewis every week, then you have a match.

Target the targets: When looking for receivers to target look at who is underperforming based on their target share. Look at the defenses that that wide receiver has matched up against. Find a receiver with a high target share but middling point production. At some point, most receivers catch rates will revert to the mean, and if they maintain their target levels, their point production should increase.

Communication is key: Just like dating or marriage you need to communicate to your partner what you want, need and expect. If someones send you a trade offer and you want to reject it do so with some comments. “No, I’m not looking to trade” will save you from having the same offers over and over again. “I value player X as a WR1 or RB1” will let the party how much a specific is worth to you allowing them to make offers accordingly.


That’s if for today. I’d love to hear some your trade strategies or even pet peeves when it comes to trading. Please feel free to share in the comments below, and as always you can find me @DFF_Shane.

Shane Manila

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I play in 29 dynasty leagues, 4-5 redraft leagues. In the real world I’m…..nah that’s no fun. I love fantasy football and talk about it all the time.

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