Trading for Yannick Ngakoue: Worth It?

Over the past week, trade rumors revolving around Jacksonville’s Yannick Ngakoue have been heating up and the Philadelphia Eagles have been linked as a potential suitor. Although most of the “rumors” have been stirred up by Ngakoue himself, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

After just making a big splash for Darius Slay, it would certainly be telling if the Eagles made yet another blockbuster move for this young up and coming pass rusher.

Ngakoue, although not a glaring need, would help the Eagles tremendously on the defensive side of the ball. In just 4 seasons, the 24yr old has accumulated 37.5 sacks, 85 QB hits and was named to the Pro Bowl back in 2017. Production like that doesn’t come cheap though.

The Jaguars are said to be after a 1st round pick in exchange for the defensive end. This is a high price considering whatever team commits to that will also have to negotiate a new contract with Ngakoue, which will probably make him one of the highest paid at his position.

As mentioned before, when you assess Philadelphia’s roster, there are other glaring needs that need to be addressed. The wide receivers group is expected to be led by a 33yr old DeSean Jackson who just missed an entire season to injury, the already iffy linebacker unit has taken a step back from last year and another starting caliber corner is still probably needed in the secondary.

When you think of the 1st round pick that you’d have to part with, there’s two things to consider: talent and price.

What makes the NFL Draft so exciting from an organization’s perspective is that it offers you the opportunity to find top end talent on cheap/controllable deals.

The likelihood of drafting someone of Ngakoue’s caliber is probably a shot in the dark, especially in the late 1st. But the amount of money that could be saved if you do hit on the pick is enormous, especially considering the holes still on this roster as listed above.

Now rumors have circulated that Alshon Jeffery and his $15-18mil cap hit for the next two seasons could be moved in the deal as well.  People have also suggested that the 1st round pick that Jacksonville is after could be negated to the 2021 draft.

These two developments definitely make the potential deal more enticing for the Eagles if they end up being true. My personal preference would sway me away from dealing any 1st round selections but if the Jaguars are taking Alshon and his deal with them, I’d be able to live with it.

Will all things considered, what do you think?

Featured Image: Getty Images