Why I play in Dynasty Leagues

There’s nothing at all wrong with a redraft. I play in redraft leagues now and have done so for the last 20 years. If you’re like me when football season would end, I often find myself wishing for some more fantasy action. I tried playing fantasy basketball(meh) and baseball, but that didn’t satiate me.

After years of wandering, I stumbled upon Dynasty Fantasy Football leagues. The simplest analogy I can provide of what Dynasty is would be GM mode in Madden. In redraft leagues you draft your team play the waivers, make a trade here and there, the season comes the season ends. And then nothing. You do nothing with that league from late December until August, maybe September of the next year.  You could roll out of bed the day of the draft print out a rankings sheet and be ready to draft.

Dynasty though is a whole other animal. There is no off-season. Your start-up draft is usually held in May. You draft from a pool of every NFL veteran. The draft is anywhere from 20-35 rounds, depending on roster size. Then you hold another draft for the incoming rookies after your initial start up draft, typically in June.

You inhale every last nugget of off-season news because everything that happens affects someone on your team when your roster is 35 players deep. OTAs are followed to see which players practice with starters, which running backs are used in goal-line drills, which receivers are used out of the slot. You’re always tinkering with your roster at this point of the season since there are no games to watch. You churn the bottom of your rosters, make trades for players you think will break out in the coming season. I did mention that you have waiver wire activity during this period right?

Training camp comes and now all the obsessing you’ve done over how receiver X will mesh with his new quarterback kick into overdrive. Because most NFL vets report to training camp, you get to obsess over genuine NFL players practicing against real NFL players.

Pre-season games come and oh man now it’s madness. Real life plays to dissect. Dynasty players get to see their guys in action for the first time and start to get a feel if the draft/trade/waiver decisions they’ve made are on point or not.

The regular season comes, and it’s on. And guess what? Your team is injury riddled and filled with underperformers. What usually happens is the teams that aren’t any good check out. They stop putting in waiver claims, don’t reply to trade offers and might not even enter complete starting lineups.

Not in Dynasty. If my team has older veterans, with 2-3 seasons left, I trade those players away for younger players or rookie draft picks. I continue hitting the waiver wire looking for players I can keep for the following season and beyond. The NFL season ends, you’ve won your leagues, Championship. In a redraft league, you hibernate until September. Not me, now it’s time to scout the incoming rookie class because I have a rookie draft to hold in a few short months. I’m watching Bowl Games and scouting those rookies. NFL free agency is my impetus to trade for or trade away players whose situations have improved or declined. It’s time to stockpile picks for your rookie draft in April, or trade away rookie picks for more

It’s time to stockpile picks for your rookie draft in April, or trade away rookie picks for more established veterans. It all depends on your strategy, do you play to win this year, do you play to win in the next 2-3 years, there are so many strategies you can employ.

This is just a short version of why I love Dynasty Football. No off-season, the league is never dead. Trades happen any time of the year. I talk to my league mates about football every day of the year. There’s nothing better.

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I’ll be back shortly with some “older” veterans you should target in any drafts you may have before the NFL season kicks off!



Shane Manila

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I play in 29 dynasty leagues, 4-5 redraft leagues. In the real world I’m…..nah that’s no fun. I love fantasy football and talk about it all the time.

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