What Is Next For The Sixers In Free Agency?

NBA free agency is well underway and the Sixers have made one move to bring back JJ Redick. Bringing back JJ wasn’t a shock to anyone as he had a career year with the team last season.

The Sixers still have around $15 million in cap space after the JJ Redick deal get finalized. But there is ways for the Sixers to get more money to spend this year. Starting with Jerryd Bayless. Bayless looks to be on the way out which via trade would free up $8.5 million. If a trade can’t be found for the services of Bayless the Sixers have the option of stretching that cap hit for the next three years or just simply buying him out. Personally, I fell that just buying him out and biting the bullet for this year’s cap hit is the smart thing to do.

Now onto free agents the Sixers should and I think will have interest in…

Tyreke Evans – Unrestricted, Age 28

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After JJ Redick, the Sixers will have some decision making to do because you don’t want to get locked up into bad contracts. Tyreke Evans might be my favorite free agent that is still available. When you watch Tyreke play you see a guy that is just a good basketball player. He’ll show up and give you at least 15, 4, and 4 with the ability to hit a three and defend. He won’t cost you more than $15 million a year with the way I see his market playing out. I feel like a one-year/$13 million dollar deal could be a perfect fit for what the Sixers want to do this year. Tyreke would be your first guy off the bench and I could really see him in the running for Six Man of the Year in a Sixers uniform.

Jabari Parker – Restricted, Age: 23

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I really don’t know what to think about Jabari Parker and the Sixers. Reports came out on Saturday saying the Sixers were going to have interest in Parker. I think it’s safe to say the Bucks won’t match his offer sheet, so you have to ask yourself what is he actually worth? In my opinion, I don’t think he fits in Philly based on him wanting to start and be the second or even third option. My best bet would be saying away from. that entirely.

Wayne Ellington – Unrestricted, Age: 30

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If you want to talk about a replacement for Marco Belinelli… Wayne Ellington is my candidate. Coming off the bench for the Heat, Wayne shot .39% behind the arch and averaged 11.2, 2.8, and 2.5. Wayne also provides more on defense that Belinelli, who all do respect was an absolute liability. With Marco signing a 2 year/$12 million dollar deal, I think Wayne could get around $7 million a year.

Michael Beasley – Unrestricted, Age: 29


If you are looking for instant offense to come off the bench the list might start with Michael Beasley. Beasley shot .39.5% from three last year to go along with his 13.2, 5.6 and 1.7. At 6’9″ he would give the Sixers another wing with the ability to get a bucket if need be. The only way I see Beasley in a Sixers uniform is if the Sixers strikeout trying to find help off the bench.

Kyle O’Quinn – Unrestricted, Age: 28

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The Sixers brought in Amir Johnson to backup Joel Embiid last summer. Amir played the role fine, but I think he will look to get paid this summer instead of taking a pay cut. I still think it’s possible you’ll see Amir back, but O’Quinn provides nearly the same thing and he’ll be cheaper. Kyle O’Quinn won’t be a flashy move, but it’s one this team needs.

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