Who is Trevor Booker?

Sources are reporting that the 76ers are finalizing a deal to send Jahlil Okafor, Nik Stauskas, and a 2nd rounder to the Brooklyn Nets for Trevor Booker.
We are all aware that the 76ers were practically going to take anything to move on from Okafor while Sauce was looking like a potential candidate to get cut eventually. Apparently Bryan Colangelo saw something he liked in Booker and pulled the trigger on a trade.

Initially, this seems like a bad trade from the 76ers side. If they held onto Okafor and the 2nd rounder until closer to the trade deadline, a playoff ready team or a rebuilding team may be attracted to Okafor and we could have gotten a stronger return. Then again, we could go completely cold with Okafor on the block as we have plenty of times in the past. Maybe it was best to just move on and take whatever asset you could in the meantime. Maybe Trevor Booker will be an asset for us moving forward.

Booker is a 7 year veteran who spent time with the Wizards, Jazz, and Nets. He averages 7.1 PPG, 5.7 RPG, and 1.1 APG over his career. However, last year he was able to improve those numbers to 10.0 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 1.1 SPG with an increase in minutes on a weak Brooklyn bench. At 6’8″ and 230 lbs., he is considered a strong rebounder and defender that can also score you some baskets in the paint. Looking at his career shooting chart below, the majority of his points come from the paint although he does have a mid range jumper. And by a having a mid range jumper, I mean he shoots better than your average power forward off the bench:

PhotoCredit: NBASavant.com

With a team as young as the 76ers, another veteran presence cannot hurt. The move can be puzzling as we scooped up Amir Johnson this off-season to fit that exact role. I hope this trade does not effect the playing time of Richaun Holmes, as he deserves more minutes in my opinion. On the plus side, he is on an expiring contract and could be used as trade bait at the deadline instead of Jahlil. Hopefully he can work with Joel on his rebounding, as I think our big man still could use some lessons on positioning and boxing out when it comes to rebounding.

Regardless, this trade should yield little effect to our team. Okafor and Sauce did not play much, if at all so far this year. Trading two guys who filled the stat sheets with “DNP – Coach’s Decision” for a guy that could bring some wisdom and role playing down the stretch would be considered wise. The city of Philadelphia will find that out soon enough. In the meantime, best of luck to Jahlil. He had a bumpy ride in Philadelphia, and regardless of his woeful defense and poor conditioning, he did seem to put forth a solid effort and has accepted his role of not playing this year pretty gracefully. As for Nik, let’s forget you ever came over here. The effort was clearly there, but he is going to find himself on plenty of lists of lottery picks that didn’t pan out. But hey, I guess the Nets are trusting the process.

All stats provided by Basketball-Reference.com

Featured Image Photo Credit: hoopshype.com

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