Why Haskins To The Giants Doesn’t Make Them a Contender

“The Giants are a Quarterback away from being a threat in the NFC East.” has been the narrative for the past year or so around the NFL. While I do agree with that to an extent, I don’t think Dwayne Haskins is the Quarterback that crowns them as NFC East champs.

Haskins has been consistently named the top Quarterback in this Draft class and the Giants are in a prime slot to grab him. His big numbers in the BIG10 were impressive and he has caught a lot of national buzz because of them.

List of Urban Meyer’s Quarterback tree:
J.T. Barrett, Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, John Brantley, Tim Tebow, Chris leak, Alex Smith, Josh Harris and Andy Sahm.

Alex Smith was the only one to become successful in the NFL and that may have something to do with Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid being two of the best QB whispers in the NFL over the last two decades.

Dwayne Haskins started one year under Urban Meyer at Ohio State which is one of the easiest systems to thrive in. Quarterbacks are mostly always given a clear pocket to throw in and not asked to do much more. Here is a thread to better explain:

The only throw he faces a pressure on and gets hit is the one against Penn State. Haskins struggled in Happy Valley due to the pass rush put on him for most of the game. The only offense the Buckeyes had was through dump offs. Ohio State ended up winning the game but is was mainly due to their playmakers making defenders miss in open space.

Dwayne Haskins isn’t a bad Quarterback prospect. He has a strong arm, great size and a beautiful touch on his throws. The negatives are his footwork and when under pressure. At times he looks like he’s in quick sand. He rarely makes plays using his feet and don’t let Stephan A. Smith tell you differently.

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When under pressure this season, Haskins had a quarterback rating of under 40.

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The New York Giants allowed the 14th most QB hits, the 10th most sacks and their offensive line was ranked 20th best by football outsiders. Having playmakers like Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham are not the only two factors to a Quarterback’s success.

Haskins has potential to succeed in the right system but I don’t think he’s the right guy for the Giants with their current roster situation. Kyler Murray would make for a better option in New York with his ability to make play on the ground and outside of the pocked. Reports have already come out that the Giants don’t like Murray due to his size though.

Until the Giants vastly improve their offensive line, I think their Quarterback struggles will continue onward if they opt to go the Haskins route this Draft season.

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