Why You Should Want Dak Prescott to Get Paid

Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper are all in line for big paydays in the summer of 2020 which will surely break the pockets of the Dallas Cowboys if they want to stay competitive moving forward.

Since football is near and dear to us and talking trash on the Cowboys is one of our favorite past times, I figured taking a closer look at their franchise quarterback would be fun.

I pulled these numbers from profootballreference.com. If you compare them, Prescott is producing at the same rate of the likes of Andy Dalton and a quickly declining Eli Manning. This goes without mentioning that Dak plays behind one of the most elite offensive lines in the entire league.

Although the Cowboys hold a 4-2 record against Philadelphia with Dak as their starting Quarterback, it’s not Prescott doing the damage.

Career numbers vs. Philadelphia:
1373 passing yards
63% completion rate
4 fumbles

Dallas will most likely be forced to give Prescott a larger deal than the one Philadelphia just gave to Carson Wentz which will make him among the league’s highest paid players.

Prescott is good in a system when his elite running back in Ezekiel Elliott is moving the chains and making defenses stack the box but without that type of assistance from the backfield, he struggles mightily.

Career numbers without Zeke:
1146 passing yards
63% completion rate
3 fumbles

A franchise quarterback being dependent on his team’s run game that much is comforting for opposing teams on the outside looking in especially if you play that team twice a season. So here’s to Dak’s impending contract!

Featured Image: (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

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